Building A Cargo Bike?

Mostly out of boredom I decided to chop up an old Roadmaster MTB and turn it in to a cargo bike akin to a Cycle Truck with a large front rack or basket mounted to the frame.

Here’s where I’m at now. Don’t know when I’ll get around to making a rack or basket though. It’s fun to ride as is.

Riding errands on it…

Chopped Murray

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This is a Murray cruiser frame that I’ve chopped a little.
I cut out the top tube and seat tube. I then used the top tube as the seat tube and positioned it farther back than the original. I replaced the top tube with Conduit I bent with a higher arc. I originally built this bike in 2006. I decided to give it a make-over and to try a faux patina finish on it using what paints I had on hand. Also changed out the bars, seat, sprocket and pedals, fenders. It’s been through several re-incarnations.

Tall Bike Test Ride

Just came across and uploaded some old photos of Nova, myself and 2 friends Dan & Tom test riding the tall bike we built back in 2003.

Chopped Sears 24 inch

Was looking on here for this photo to post somewhere else and found that I had never posted it here. Chopped the frame of this 24″ Sears and extended some forks. This was a short lived project from a couple of years ago that never made it any farther than this.

Old Test Ride Video Clips

A few old videos of test rides on my homemade bikes a chopper, tall bike and tandem.

Swing Bike III

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3rd swing bike I’ve built.

3rd Swing Bike

I was supposed to be hauling off some of the scrap bikes and tubing I’ve got stashed around but while digging through my scrap tubing box I got sidetracked and instead built another swing bike. I don’t need another swing bike. I guess when I found the 2 head/down tubes from the girls bikes I couldn’t resist. Used the rear triangle off of the tandem MTB I made years ago.

Bike Of Frankenstein

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This was a Murray frame I chopped and reconfigured.

Bike Of Frankenstein Rides Hallowheelie

I redid the Ugliest Bike for our clubs Halloween ride “Hallowheelie“.