Coffeeneuring Challenge 2020 – Coffee 4

  • Date: 10-19-2020
  • Location: The Coffee House
  • Coffee: Cold brew with oat milk
  • Miles: 22
  • Bike: Diamondback Haanjo Tero
  • Details: Another chilly morning with temp in upper 40s. We rode to a neighboring town to a co-op bakery and coffee shop. Nova had been in the shop once before to pick up a baked good. It was my first time. This was our first time consuming a food or beverage inside an establishment since the pandemic began. The shop and barista were nice and the coffee good. After coffee we took the long way home.

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2020 – Coffee 2

  • Date: 10-12-2020
  • Location: The woods
  • Coffee: Light Leaks by Local Roasters
  • Miles: 12
  • Bike: Schwinn klunker
  • Details: Rode to a nearby wooded area that has some trails running through it where we did a pour over using my beer can alcohol stove as our heat source. We then rode to the grocery store and picked up some lunch, returning to our brew up spot to eat it.

Riding The Switchgrass Trail – Kansas

We recently spent a couple days in the northwest part of our state at WIlson Lake. While there we rode the Switchgrass Trail. This is a mountain biking trail system that receives great reviews from mountain bikers from all over. People are surprised to find that something like this exists in Kansas. We knew the trail was probably beyond our skill level and we don’t really have the proper bikes but I read there was an easy loop so I thought we’d give that a try. We both really enjoyed it and are looking forward to going back and riding it again. I may even tackle some of the more difficult trails.