The Beast VS… Final Episode

Remember the Beast VS… series? I”ve been sitting on this last Beat Vs… video since last year unsure whether to publish it or not. I”m sure many will find it disgusting and be offended but I decided that”s what gets views so here it is.

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Beast On The Bridge

Recently I rode the Beast on part of an abandoned railroad in the big city. This is the same rail-bed that the existing Prairie Sunset rail-to-trail is on West of the big city.

A neat feature on this segment is this bridge. The bridge spans the “Big Ditch” which carries overflow from the Arkansas River around the big city. I”ve seen mention of future plans to put a path along the dike of the Big Ditch. This would expand my off-street riding options greatly as this floodway passes right by our town and would give us a connection to the big city and it”s paths.

The old railroad passes under a highway and it”s on and off ramps.

This segment of the old railroad runs right by the airport.

Crossing the bridge.

The sidewalk (I don”t know what the proper term is) on the bridge is covered in asphalt and disguises the condition of the boards underneath. Here it was obvious there was a problem.

Hopefully someday and within my lifetime, this portion will get completed. It”s actually ride-able now if on the right bike. It would just be nice to be given the city”s blessing to do so. From what I”ve observed, the biggest obstacles to connecting Wichita to the existing Prairie Sunset trail near Goddard is a missing bridge over the Cowskin creek and a portion of the trail that an aircraft company has fenced in and claimed as their own.

Mongoose Beast Review

I get a lot of questions regarding the Mongoose Beast fat-bike so I thought I’d post some of my thoughts and experiences.
I am going to assume most of what I say also applies to the Mongoose Brutus which I believe is the same bike in a different color and has a better gear ratio.

It’s a single-speed, coaster brake fat-bike is sold as a “Cruiser” not a MTB or All Terrain.

I purchased the bike online from Walmart in April of 2013 at a cost of $199 plus tax and shipping was free.
Since then I’ve probably put a couple hundred miles on it. I don’t really know. I don’t keep track.

Right out of the box the bike is un-ride-able. It was lacking grease. Some components were too tight and others loose. The stock gearing is terrible. Here is a crappy video of some assembly and riding the bike for first time.

The bike when I first received it. The only modifications here are the lack of chainguard, 20t rear sprocket and a few decal changes. Seat slammed for the Grand-kids to ride.

Within the first few days I greased and adjusted everything and changed the stock 18t rear sprocket to 20t and then later a 22t. I never even rode it with the stock gearing but just knew it would be tough. The 22t seems to be ideal for the riding I do.

I’ve witnessed others riding with the stock gearing and they seem to stand more than they sit.

The geometry of the bike doesn’t seem too bad. It’s fairly comfortable. Occasionally when I first hop on and before I get my feet positioned on the pedals properly, I might experience toe overlap.

I’m about 5 foot 6. In the bottom photo there is about 4″ of seat post still in the seat tube.

I experimented with different handlebars but went back to the stock bars.

I swapped out the seat only because I had a better one and not necessarily because the stock seat was no good.

For a single speed, coaster brake bike it did really well on my local MTB trails.

The bike rode great on the original ballast of abandoned railroads where only the track and ties had been removed. Still a pretty rough ride over railroad ties but do-able.

In the snow it does OK. It’s a workout in the 4+ inches of snow. I don’t think it plows through inches of snow any better than any other bike would though. If I had to stand and pedal I’d sometimes loose rear tire traction. This with 10psi in the tires.
On packed snow and ice it is really stable and doesn’t slip around like my other bikes.

On sand I haven’t been able to test it with a low tire pressure yet. I do know with high tire pressure it doesn’t do good on soft sand. Packed sand it does fine even with the high tire pressure.

The bike is really squirrely and sluggish on dry pavement with low tire pressure.

Nothing has broke or worn out on it although from what I’ve read other haven’t been so lucky.

It’ll run over a tomato or dancing Santa no problem.

It gets lots of attention, gawks and stares.

It has made me want a geared fat-bike. If my experience with this bike had been bad, I don’t think that would be the case.

I feel I’ve gotten my monies worth out of the bike. If it were to break in two tomorrow, I would have no regrets. It’s been a fun ride and taken me places I wouldn’t have ridden any of my other bikes.

As it is now. 22t sprocket, Brooks saddle, star handlebar grips, lights, bell and a water bottle cage. New paint on the bike and rims.
More on my Mongoose Beast here.

Gravel Grind Out – Pedal Pavement Back

Out for a ride in the country today. It was nice and easy going on the dirt roads out. It wasn’t until I turned to head home I realized how windy it was. I decided to take a paved road back to hopefully lessen my struggle. Riding a single speed fat-bike against 16mph wind, the little changes in elevation we have here are greatly exaggerated. Mole hills became mountains.

Break time.

Datsun(?) in storage.

Cats on a warm Chevy roof.

Decommissioned road.

While riding the decommissioned road I suddenly remembered traveling it by car with my parents when I was kid. I was marveling at how fast nature was reclaiming the old road but then remembered it’s been quite a while since I was a kid.

Hmmm does Microsoft follow tire naming trends or vice versa?

Chisholm Trail marker along another road.

Snow Biking With The Mongoose Beast

I get a lot of inquiries about riding the Beast in the snow so I made this little informational/instructional video.
Riding the poor mans fat-bike the Mongoose Beast from Walmart in the snow.

Clear Skies And Clearwater

Today was to be the last of the warmer days for a while so we wanted to take advantage and go for a ride even though we had other things that needed to be done. So we took off under beautiful clear skies to the near-by town of Clearwater. It was a beautiful day with the temperature near 60. A bit windy coming back but we zigzagged our way taking on the wind in 1 mile increments.

One dog gives chase while the other stays and stands guard.

We like spotting the old farm trucks.

Tire comparison.

Rolling Freak Show

The poor mans fat-bike the Mongoose Beast has been my regular rider as of late. I wonder when fat-bikes will become the norm and everyone will stop staring at me like I’m some kind of freak when I ride by. I am of course assuming they haven’t already become the norm and it is the freakishly fat tires getting the gawks.

I do really like riding the Beast fat-bike. It’s so cool being able to ride over almost any terrain. I do wish it had at least one more gear though. Long rides on pavement seem to get me nowhere fast with the easy gearing I have on it. Oh… hand brakes would be nice also.

The Beast VS… Episode 10

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Snow Beast

A short video of the Mongoose Beast in the snow today. The Fun to Work-Out ratio heavily favored the latter so I only rode a couple miles. Over all the bike did well but in the fresh snow it took more energy than I wanted to expend. Probably didn’t help that I hoped on the bike right after shoveling the drive.

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