Fathers Day

Fathers Day morning the family was over for breakfast. My Dad, Daughter, Grand-kids and I went for a ride. After that the eldest Grand-son, Nova and I clowned around on the tall bike. In the afternoon Nova and I rode to the casino where she bought me a Summer Shandy and gave me some gambling money for Fathers Day.







Ride To Slide The City

Our Nephew visited us over the weekend bringing his bike with him. On Saturday we rode in the city and to the Slide The City which is a 1000 ft slip & slide. Nova and I watched our Nephew slide. It looked pretty lame to us especially considering the price but he didn”t complain and most everyone participating had smiles. We also rode around sight seeing and for food and drink.

There”s just not enough slope (at least in the downtown area) for this to work well.


Also part of the Independence Day festivities was this pump track.

Ride With The Mayor

In celebration of bike month our town had a short “ride with the Mayor” this evening. Following the ride prizes were given out. Nova, my Father, my Mother and I participated along with a few local friends.

Mayor giving a short speech.

Nova and Dad.


Riding With The Grand-kids Today

The Grand-kids were over today and we colored eggs and had an egg hunt. Once the eggs were all painted, hidden and found, we rode to lunch and the park.

2015 Errandonnee – Errand 9 Was Magic

This post is one of multiple posts (click here for all posts) on the 2015 Winter Errandonnee Challenge which is being hosted by the bike blog chasing mailboxes d.c..

Last night I rode to watch our youngest Grand-son performing his juggling and magic act for the first time at a talent show the high-school was putting on.

This is the high school I graduated from although itThis is the high school I graduated from although it”s been remodeled and added on so much that I hardly recognize it.

Errand: Entertainment – Grand-son at talent show.

What I Learned/Observation: My Grand-son has a talent and pulled this off better than I was expecting.

Miles: 5

Date: 03-12-2015

Highlight video of his act…

2015 Errandonnee – Errand 5 Was A Basket Full Of TP

This post is one of multiple posts (click here for all posts) on the 2015 Winter Errandonnee Challenge which is being hosted by the bike blog chasing mailboxes d.c..

This morning Dad and I did some work on his bike and then rode along the Arkansas River Path.

One of a few stops we made to explore.

This afternoon I made a run to the store which I’ll count as my errand for the Errandonnee.

Lunch Ride With Blake

Grand-son Blake had spent the night with us and today we rode up the river in to downtown to eat lunch at his choice of Subway. About 14 miles total and we seemed to be fighting the 15-20mph wind both directions. His first time riding the Trek which I had gotten at a thrift store a year ago. He did really well.

Prior to our ride, Blake showed us how his juggling skills have improved.

El Dorado With The Grand-Kids

Yesterday we took the Grand-kids to the near-by town of El Dorado to ride a path there which runs from the city out to the lake. Once at the lake the boys and I raced up the dike/dam. Ethan won and is the only one of us to make it to the top continuously running. Once at the top, against Nova’s better judgement I let the kids go down to the lakes edge. Ally slipped and a leg went in to the freezing water. We replaced her wet sock with a Chex Mix bag so her foot wouldn’t be wet. On the ride back another poor judgement call I made was to take a single track trail which appeared to be dry but the further we got the wetter it was. Wheels, fenders and brakes clogged with mud to the point the bikes wouldn’t even roll. We spent a good bit of time scraping and poking the mud off our bikes with sticks to get them rolling again. Once back in town we stopped for lunch. The kids seemed to have a good time and enjoy the ride.


Dad’s Birthday On The Flint Hills Nature Trail

In celebration of my Dad”s 81st birthday we took him to ride 25 miles on the Flint hills Nature Trail. Nothing he loves more than being outdoors. The temperature was nice for this time of year. Ridiculous wind but we never had to ride full on against it. My mother was kind enough to drop us off and pick us up. She rode the trail back in 2012.


Lake Ride

Today Mom, Dad & I trucked our bikes to a near-by lake to do some riding and exploring.

Riding out on a jetty.

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