Errandonnee 2018

I didn’t finish this year’s 2018 Errandonnee challange. My excuse(s)… It was already 4 days in to the challenge before I realized it had started. I was able to go back and find photos from 2 errands I had ridden in that 4 days though. Also I feel I just didn’t have enough errands to run that I could fit it to the categories. Majority of my errands are to the store. Below are those I did accomplish.

Errand 1.

Before I disassembled and stashed this bike away, I wanted to get a photo of it so I rode till I found a suitable spot.

Date: March 21st.
Category: Wildcard – to take a photo.
Miles: 6.
Observation: As much as I want to like this bike, I don’t.
Bike Ridden: Elgin.


Errand 2.

To Walmart and the thrift store for shopping. Bought bungee cords and socks at Walmart and a couple shirts a the thrift store. I immediately put one of the new cords to use.

Date: March 22nd.
Category: Store – shopping.
Miles: 16.
Observation: Today was nearly a perfect day to ride. Low wind and mild temperature.
Bike Ridden: Specialized hybrid.


Errand 3.

I put a new saddle on this bike and went for a ride to adjust it.

Date: March 23rd.
Category: Non Store errand.
Miles: 5.
Observation: How much easier this bike was to ride in today’s horrific wind than any of my others would be.
Bike Ridden: Diamondback.


Errand 4.

Rode to my parents to pick up these caps my Mother embroidered for me.

Date: March 26th.
Category: Non Store errand – to my parents.
Miles: 4.
Observation: My parents always show interest in whatever bike I show up at their doorstep on.
Bike Ridden: Monarch ratrod.


Errand 5.

Rode to the store to get pretzels to go with my chickpea salad sandwich I’m having for lunch. Took the long way home.

Date: March 27th.
Category: Store – shopping.
Miles: 3.
Observation: The nearby convenience store was recently bought out by another company. Looks like changes are being made. I hope they don’t eliminate the produce.
Bike Ridden: John Deere Schwinn.

Errandonnee 2017

It was with only 5 days left in the Chasing Mailboxes 2017 Errandonnee that I realized it had started and decided to participate. This challenge requires you to ride 12 errands from at least 7 of 9 categories totaling a minimum of 30 miles and only being able to use a category a max of 2 times. Thinking back to the previous week which fell within the Errandonnee date range I had ridden a few errands but did I have the photo proof? Well I did have video proof for 2 errands so I’m counting those. That left 10 more errand rides to get in the 5 days. I also hoped, as I have in the past, to ride a different bike for each errand. Will I complete this year’s challenge?


Date: March 20th
Category: Social Call – To a favorite restaurant/bar for some human interaction.
Miles: 13
Observation: On the way I also had lunch, did some shopping and observed a makeshift grave for what I assume was a dead animal in the trash sack. These gravel roads are littered with animal carcusess. I’ve seen dogs, deer, coyote and others.
Bike Ridden: Heavy-Duti


Date: March 23rd
Category: Personal Care – Rode just to be outside.
Miles: 7
Observation: Having been holed up in the house for the past couple days I started to feel like a prisoner in my own home being held captive by the wind. I decided to force myself out despite the 25mph wind. The beer was a prop for something else that I remembered I had in my bag after I had remembered I didn’t bring any water. Something interesting I observed (actually heard) was when I stopped to visit the cows as I often do, a mother protecting it’s calf made a growling noise at me.
Bike Ridden: Monarch Ratrod


Date: March 25th
Category: Store – to the store for something green for supper.
Miles: 2
Observation: Knowing this would probably be one of the shortest errands, I chose to ride the swing bike which I rarely ride. Riding the swing bike is just as fun as it ever was. I observed people observing me as I took this photo.
Bike Ridden: Swing Bike


Date: March 25th
Category: Non-store Errand – Chinese take-out.
Miles: 3
Observation: It’s probably good for me to ride Nova’s bikes every now and then to check for any issues with them. By my observations all seemed ok with her bike.
Bike Ridden: Nova’s Schwinn


Date: March 28th
Category: Entertainment – To the casino.
Miles: 16
Observation: I’m not big on gambling I mostly just enjoy observing the other people there.
Bike Ridden: Dumpster Bike


Date: March 29th
Category: Personal Business – To the post office.
Miles: 2
Observation: Less people out when it’s rainy therefore I observed less people gawking at me on the tall bike.
Bike Ridden: Tall Bike


Date: March 29th
Category: Store – To the grocery store for a red bell pepper and the dollar store for a t-shirt.
Miles: 2
Observation: Each time I visit the dollar store I observe the door that doesn’t close properly and lets the conditioned air escape outside. I can’t recall when it ever worked as it should. I don’t understand why they don’t get it fixed.
Bike Ridden: Electra New Belgium


Date: March 30th
Category: Social – To visit my parents.
Miles: 3
Observation: I took a couple of bags to discuss with my mother doing some embroidery and/or placing patches on them. Ate both breakfast and lunch while there. We generally alternate between our houses for visits/coffee but lately I’ve just been inviting myself over to theirs. I enjoy both their company and getting out of the house. I observed how my Dad is progressing since his recent surgery.
Bike Ridden: Tall Twenty


Date: March 30th
Category: Wildcard – To get video for a project.
Miles: 16
Observation: Along the way I observed an abandoned building that I’d photographed before had burned. I stopped to photograph it again.
Bike Ridden: Schwinn Typhoon

And the results…
Errands: 9
Categories: 7
Total Miles: 51
Bikes Ridden: 9

With a little creative paperwork I probably could have completed the challenge but that would have meant counting multiple errands that were just one ride and on the same bike which I didn’t want to do.
Oh well it was still fun and I hope to participate next year from the beginning.