Tall Bike

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Tall bike Dan and I built.

Utah and California September 2003.

We drove out to Lake Tahoe to attend Nova’s Nephew’s wedding. We took the bikes, some extra time, and on the way out, while there and on the way back home, did some riding.

Canyonlands Overlook – Moab, Utah. This is an out and back trail that takes you to a view of the canyonlands south of Moab for a total of about 14 miles. Not one of our favorite rides. Too much sand.

Union Pacific Rail Trail – Park City, Utah.
A 28 mile rail-to-trail that follows the path of the former Union Pacific railroad between Park City and Echo reservoir. We started at the Promontory trailhead and rode up to Park City, down to the West end of Echo reservoir and back up to Promontory for a total of about 45 miles and 6 hours. A lot of this trail runs between the lanes of Interstate 80.

Truckee River Trail – Lake Tahoe, California. This is a paved trail that runs along side the Truckee River from Squaw Valley to Lake Tahoe and along the lake. We rode on this trail for about 20 miles.

Mineral Belt Trail – Leadville, Colorado 2003.

Mineral Belt Trail – Leadville, Colorado. September 2003. The Mineral Belt trail is a nice paved trail that circles the town of Leadville Colorado and takes you by or through several of the old mines that Leadville is famous for including the Matchless Mine and the mine owned by the “Unsinkable Molly Brown”. It is a fairly easy ride, just remember at over 10200 feet in altitude that there’s a shortage of oxygen.

1969 Schwinn Hollywood Original

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If I recall correctly we picked this one up for about $20 at a garage sale. We’ve since sold it.

Girls Western Flyer 2

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Unknown Western Flyer. Stripped it down, gave it a spray can paint job, some new or different components and 26″ whitewalls.
This bike was given to a neighbor.

High Roller

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Newer Huffy frame, powder coated and different components. Black jack chain ring, dice valve caps, lucky star grips. Gave this bike to my Brother-in-law.

Arcadia Lake Trail – Edmond, Oklahoma

We rode from Nova’s parents house who live near the lake. Riding on the road to the trail I was almost hit by a car. We were riding along the shoulder when a car passing me side me suddenly decided to turn let and stopped to wait for oncoming traffic to clear. The car behind it slammed on the brakes and to avoid rear ending the turning car, swerved to the shoulder where I was at almost hitting me. I didn’t realize what had happened. Nova and the driver of the car were more shook up than I was.

Mickelson Trail in South Dakota 2003

George S. Mickelson Trail in South Dakota. June 2003. The George S. Mickelson Trail is a rail-to-trail that runs from Edgemont to Deadwood a little over 100 miles through the Black Hills. We took this trip the first week of June in 2003. Thanks to my planning it was an uphill ride against the wind and in the rain. Despite this it was still a great time. We stayed the first night in Hot Springs and drove to the trail head in Edgemont the next morning. From there we rode over a 3 day period spending the night in hotels in Custer, Hill City and ending in Deadwood. My folks shuttled our gear to each nights stop. They also provided us with shelter in their camper and dry clothing at a couple of trailheads along the way when the rain was really bad.

I would recommend riding this trail from the opposite direction (downhill) and some other month not so rainy. One advantage to riding the direction that we did was the prettiest scenery was saved for last.

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Emerald Isle, North Carolina 2003

Spent a few days here and rode around town and along the beach of the Atlantic coast.

Bizz Johnson – Susanville California 2002

Bizz Johnson Rail-To-Trail – Susanville, Ca. October 2002. The night prior to the ride we stayed in Susanville The next morning we left the trailhead at Susanville and rode (uphill) to the Mason trailhead and back (about 51 miles). Leaving the Mason trailhead we took a forest service road part of the way back till we junctioned with the trail which we rode the rest of the way. It took us a little over 7 hours at a leisurely pace. This was a great ride. Bizz Johnson Trail website