Seat Post

Older Schwinns had a 13/16″ seat post. Other bikes generally 7/8″ but there are other sizes also. Shims can be used if the seat post is smaller than the seat tube.


Pedals come in 2 shaft sizes 1/2 and 9/16. Generally a 1 piece crank will take a 1/2 pedal. 2 and 3 piece cranks will take a 9/16 pedal. The left pedal (opposite the sprocket) has reverse threads. Some pedals will be marked on the end of the bolt end of the shaft with a “L” or “R” for left or right.


Handlebars are typically 7/8 and increase to a 1″ bulge where they will clamp into the gooseneck. Other handlebars are 7/8″ with no bulge. The latter need a matching stem/gooseneck or a shim may be used.

Gooseneck or Stem

Stems are generally one piece with the gooseneck on cruiser bikes. They come in different diameters and lengths. The size needed in diameter is determined by the fork. A special shim can be purchased and used when the stem is smaller then the fork. Generally one piece with the stem but can be separate and bolt onto the stem as with BMX and Mountain bikes. Goosenecks made for BMX bikes can make a neat custom feature on a cruiser but some are intended for 7/8 handle bars and wont clamp nicely on the 1″ bulge of most cruiser handlebars.


Cranks can come in 1, 2 or 3 piece. The pieces of a crank are the left and right crank arm and the spindle. A 1 piece the crank arms and spindle are all one. Crank arm lengths can vary. The crank arm may be drilled and threaded for either a 1/2″ or 9/16″ pedal. Typically cruisers have a 1 piece crank that accepts a 1/2″ pedal. The crank arm is held in place in the bottom bracket with a nut that is reverse threads.


Also called a front sprocket. Comes in varying tooth counts. The tooth count will effect how hard or easy the bike pedals (more= harder, less= easier). The center whole can vary in size, some are smaller not intended for 1 piece cranks but the hole can be filed bigger to fit. Chainwheels also come in varying widths. 1/8″ is typical for a single speed or internal gear bike. The smaller 3/32″ is used for multispeed (derailer) bikes. The bigger 3/16″ require a big heavy duty chain and are made for bmx/freestyle bikes.


Chains come in 3 sizes (width) 3/32, 1/8 and 3/16 . The size of chain will be determined by the chainwheel or sprocket. Generally singlespeed cruisers will take the middle size (1/8). The smaller chain is for multispeed bikes that use a derailer and the bigger, heavy duty for freestyle and bmx.

Swing Bike 2

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This swing bike was made from two 26″ girls frames. A Schwinn and a Raleigh. Added a banana seat and ape hangers and gave to a neighbor kid.

Trail of the Coeur D’Alenes – Idaho

Paved rail-to-trail. We started at one of the middle trail heads and rode to the trails Western end in Plummer. Pertions of three trail run alongside the Coeur d’Alene River. The trail crosses Coeur d’Alene lake via a really neat converted old railroad bridge.

This was part of our Northwest trip.

Trail website.

Idaho, Washington and Canada 2005

Along with my parents we drove to Vancouver Island, BC, Canada to ride the Galloping Goose rail-to-trail. On the way up we rode the Route of the Hiawatha with Dad who rented a bike. On the way back we rode the Olympic Discovery Trail and the Trail of the Coeur D’Alenes. My parents shuttled our vehicle for us on these rides so we could ride one way.