Riding In The Land Of The Pink Rocks

Whenever we ride a particular path in the big city we pass an adjacent wooded area upon which I notice 2 things. There appears to be dirt paths going off in to the woods and unidentified pink objects can be seen through the trees. Yesterday I decided to go check it out.

It is a city park but other than a sign stating so you wouldn”t know it. No amenities of any kind. It”s a wooded area with a few non-maintained dirt paths and drainage creeks/ditches running through it. What I find interesting though is what turned out to be chunks and slabs of pink painted concrete scattered throughout the site.

I”m curious what the concrete originally was and where it came from.

Thursday Through Sunday

Thursday we participated in the 9th annual Tandem Night at the Thursday Night Pub Pedal. Not a huge showing of tandems (I believe I counted 12) but still a great time.

Tandem Night at the Thursday Night Pub Pedal.

Friday morning the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board I’m on hosted a breakfast pit stop where we gave out donuts, water, surveys and bike maps.

Fellow Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board member working our Bike To Work Day pit stop.

Friday evening we met at a friends for dinner and drinks and then rode to tour a historic house that’s being remodeled.

Historic house tour.

Historic house tour

Saturday evening I went for a quick ride before a storm came through.

Sunday we rode around the big city for lunch and a couple beverage stops.

The river is up after recent rains.

River is up after recent rains. Keeper Of The Plains statue in the background.

We also checked out some of the city’s new bicycling infrastructure.

After several years work has resumed again on the Redbud Trail a rail-to-trail. We noticed some new paved sections and the retrofitting of the the old railroad bridge.

Retrofitted old railroad bridge on the Redbud trail.

Also this new “pause point”.

Pause point on the Redbud Trail.

On our way home we took the city’s new and first “bicycle boulevard”.

Wichita's Schweiter Bicycle Boulevard.

Schweiter Bicycle Boulevard.

Weekend Riding

We spent the better part of both days this weekend riding around the big city. The weather was great. A few photos from the weekend.

We weren
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Riding For Sandwiches Chocolate And Beer

Yesterday was 25+ miles of riding in the big city with a stop for veggie sandwiches for lunch, a stop for chocolate for dessert and a few stops for beer (no reason needed). It was at our first stop that I realized I hadn’t brought a lock. We could have went and bought one which we’ve done in the past but decided instead to take our chances and try and choose our stops and parking wisely which worked out ok.

Crossing the interstate.Crossing the interstate. Standing to pump up the steep incline on an old single speed bike my worst fear is the chain breaking.

A stop at the Nifty Nut House for nuts and chocolate.A stop at the “Nifty Nut House” for nuts and chocolate.

Keeping our unlocked bikes in view.Keeping our unlocked bikes in view. At this stop we tried a new beer named Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy which we both really liked.

Trusting our unlocked bikes will still be here upon our return.At another stop we took a a leap of faith that our unlocked bikes will still be in the rack upon our return.

Demolition of the old Joyland Amusement Park.Looks like they’ve started demolition of the old Joyland Amusement Park. The park has been in the news as of late due to the creepy story of the recovery of the stolen creepy Louie the Clown.

Demolition of the old Joyland Amusement Park.

Saturday In The City

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening riding in the big city with stops for food, refreshments and photos.

Bridge and lights at dusk.

Civil disobedience.

I was taking this photo for Bike Ride & Seek (public mailbox) and just happen to snap it as my bike fell.

Nova getting her “snowman” for Bike Ride & Seek.

Group Of 2 Ride

I put out a late notice yesterday for our club to do a group ride today since the weather was going to be so nice. Only 2 of us showed up but we had a great ride and fun time. We rode about 24 miles along paths and streets in the big city. We watched the Veterans Day parade and flyover, ate lunch, visited the skate park, stopped at a local bike shop and watched RC planes.
I was pleasantly surprised to find our lunch stop (5 Guys Burgers) has a veggie sandwich.

Map of our route…

View 11-09-2013_Ride-2 in a larger map

Gypsun Creek Cruise

I put together another ride for our bike club which was today. We rode a bike path that follows along the Gypsum Creek in the big city out to the mall where we ate at the food court and then returned to our starting point. It was a beautiful day and a great time although there were several mechanical problems that caused one rider to abandoned the ride and others to stop and make repairs. A fun bunch to ride with.

Riding With Rose

The Grand-daughter who wants a name change and asked to be called Rose, spent the night. Last night we rode to dinner and then rode the local loop for 5 miles. Today we got on the Arkansas River Path at Chapin Park in the big city and rode towards downtown. We stopped at a store where we bought Rose a new helmet, bike basket and all of us cheap sunglasses. We then continued on in to downtown where we ate lunch and shopped some more. Full and getting tired, we then decided to head back to our starting point. This made our ride about 13 miles. Ally, I mean Rose, did great!

Photos from today”s ride…

Along The River

Today we rode in to the big city for breakfast at VI, in to downtown for shopping at Gander Mountain, on to the Keeper Of The Plains and then back home for 22.5 miles.

Dam on the Arkansas River is in the "on" position to fill up the river for the annual Riverfest event that just ended.

Boat rides on the river for Riverfest.

Turtles on the river.

We seen several families of geese like this on the river. In the background is the Jayhawk which is the boat Bill Koch used to qualify for the 1992 America”s Cup which he won.

Exploration Place on the river had this dinosaur out front.

Bikes + Burritos + Beer – It Cures What Ales You – If Only Temporarily

I woke up yesterday feeling sick. We had been looking forward to riding but the way I was feeling I didn”t feel like riding. I forced myself to go though. We rode up the Arkansas River path from Chapin Park and in the immortal words of Chuck Berry (does he have to be dead before I can say that?) “with no particular place to go”. We ended up doing a 38 mile loop in the big city utilizing multiple paths and a few sidewalks and streets. We stopped at one of our favorite Mexican eateries El Paisa for lunch. Once on the East side we decided to stop by Target and Cabela”s only to find them both closed. The weather was nice. The parks were full of picnickers and egg hunters. It was a great day and ride and I felt fine… till we returned home. Then I started feeling sickly again and still do today as I type this. Hmmm.

If I”ve never mentioned it before or you haven”t figured it out… the “big city” I always refer to, and that we live just outside of, is Wichita, KS the “Air Capital” of the world. The East side of this loop takes you by such aircraft giants as Beechcraft, Cessna, Boeing, Spirit and the McConnell AFB.

Nova with the historic John Mack bridge in background.

Lunch at El Paisa.

Us on the Chisholm Creek path.

Riding under the Beechcraft runway.

Great (self)timing!

I wasted a ridiculous amount of time creating a Google map of our ride for our local bike riding friends only to not be able to save it. Argh! So I just took this screenshot.