Riding To March Madness

March Madness games being held in the big city. Rode up there yesterday which was practice day to take a look.

Riding Around Abandoned Mining Town

This past Saturday morning we made an impromptu decision to drive 3 hours to the abandoned mining town of Picher, Oklahoma. We loaded the bikes as we figured the bikes would be a great way to explore the area and we packed a change of clothes just in case we decided to spend the night (which we did in nearby Joplin, MO).

The mining for lead and zinc in the area created the town but later destroyed it due to lead contamination from the mountains of tailings surrounding the city and cave in risks. My maternal grandfather once worked in the mines there.



In A Minute – Beverages, Deposit and Roadside Finds

Yesterday’s typical ride for beverages and to make a deposit. Couple of roadside finds along the way. I always told the grandkids once you touch trash it becomes yours. Redeemed myself on the way home.

Be My VELOntine Ride

Sunday was our Valentine get-together and ride with the Coasters.


In A Minute – Ride For A Beverage

Last couple of days we’ve had wind near 30 mph with gusts in the 40s so I’ve been hiding out at home. Today the wind was not nearly as bad and we took advantage of that.

Bluz Cruz

Yesterday we participated in a group ride. It was a short ride along the river on pre 1970 bikes with a stop for refreshments at a club member’s house. Was a nice time. The ride is modeled and named after a monthly ride that takes place in Denver.

For this ride I drug my old Western Flyer skiptooth from the basement, regreased the hubs, oiled the chain and swapped out the tires. The other tires were original and cracked pretty badly.

Thanksgiving Morning Ride

Probably should have been preparing Thanksgiving dinner but the weather was so nice we decided to first go for a quick ride to the casino, pull a slot machine and return home. Got home just in time to get all the cooking done with no time to spare.

My Thanksgiving plate.