My New Schwinn

Another cheap Chinese made bike from evil Walmart. The Schwinn Low Glide 29er. I can’t help myself. I thought it looked pretty cool and retro and it was of course cheap in price. I do spend money at my LBS though upgrading and accessorizing these bikes though so that lessons the guilt some.

It’s an aluminum frame and wheels, a 7 speed Shimano and linear pull brakes. Low Glide seems a funny name for a 29″ wheeled bike.

Unboxing the bike…

Here is what the bike looks like in its original state.

Here is what I’ve done so far…
Replaced stock saddle with a Brooks.
Replaced grip shift with thumb. Replaced bars and stem.
Replaced pedals.
Replaced grips.
Removed fenders and rack.
Added a water bottle cage. Used zip ties for now as there are no bosses.
Greased wheels, headset and bottom bracket. Adjusted brakes.

I didn’t like “Low Glide” so I sanded that portion of the chainguard (the decals had been cleared over) and repainted with paint I had that was a pretty close match. My mother made me a new decal to replace it.

The frame is a little big for me but that’s not a real problem with the type of riding I do. In the 2 days since I put it together I’ve put 35 miles on it with no issues.

I may eventually put on a more functional rear rack and possibly put the fenders back on.