American Rat Rod v2

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Two years ago I hurriedly built up this Schwinn American for our Patriotic Ride but wasn’t real pleased with it. A couple days ago I went and got the frame out of storage to hurriedly build it up again for this year’s Patriotic ride. I repainted the frame in a darker, flat blue. Put on different bars that I painted off white. Reupholstered some leopard grips with red material. Put on a different seat and made the tank plate. To quote myself from last time “I’d like to have done more but ran out of time. Maybe next year.”

Schwinn Ratrod

Itching for something different to ride I decided to throw something together. Drug this Schwinn down from the attic. I’d been trying for quite some time to get the stuck goose neck out and finally gave up and cut it off. I was going to just cut the old steer tube off the original fork and weld a new one on but that didn’t work out.
I went digging for a fork and all I could come up with was a fork off a Schwinn road bike. The steer tube was too short on it so I extended it. Put on some orange wheels I’d painted and laced a few years ago, an Electra Concho seat, apes an old 2.125 Western Flyer tire in the rear, a real skinny tread-less tire up front and bear trap pedals.
I reworked a tank from this 20″ Firestone convertible to make it fit. Painted the apes black and tried to paint the fork to match the patina of the tank. Leopard print grips, a license plate and a Ratrod Bikes decal. Fork struts are off an old girls Schwinn.
There’s just something fun about riding a bike with ape hangers.

Raffle Rod

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Built mostly from parts I already had that I knew I wouldn’t use. The frame came from this bike. I painted over the satin black powder coat with flat black.

Early 60’s Sears Spaceliner

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This is an e-bay deal gone bad. We purchased what was advertised as a 26″ girls Spaceliner. Upon receiving the bike we find out it is a 24″. We did work out a deal to get some of our money back but we’re still not happy with the ordeal.

Edit: This bike has since been sold.

Girls Hawthorne

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Ladies Night Bike

Built this bike up today to ride on the upcoming Ladies Night at the Pub Pedal.

More photos here.

Flower Bike

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This is a bike my Daughter and I did together. It started out as a 60s Monark, El Camino. The frame, fork and tank are original. The chainguard is off another bike and the fenders are after market. Tara did the painting on the chain guard. The flowers on the basket are costume jewelry.

Daughter’s Bike Finished

Daughter’s Bike

My latest project is a bike for my daughter. Here”s what we are starting with…

Progress pics here