Bicycles At The Ballfield And Craft Beer

Yesterday we attended the Bicycles At The Ballfield show and swap in the near-by town of Augusta, KS. I believe this was the 3rd year for the event but our first time attending. We didn’t have anything to show or swap so we just checked out all the cool bikes, bought a painting and chatted with friends. Later in the day while riding in the big city we bumped in to some bike riding friends and had beverages at a couple of the city’s newest breweries.

Buddy’s Pedal Fest 2016

This past weekend we drove to Pleasant Hill, Missouri to attend Buddy’s Pedal Fest which is a bike show, swap and ride along with a bbq and this year live music. This is our 3rd time attending the event and we always have a great time.

The video is from the ride following the show and swap…

Many photos…

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Buddy’s Cycle Fest 2015

Over this past weekend we took a road trip to Pleasant Hill, Missouri to attend Buddy”s Cycle Fest which is a show & swap. Following the show and swap we all rode a nice gravel trail a couple miles out of town to the city lake and back. Upon our return we were treated to a bbq. We both had a good time and found Pleasant Hill to be a nice little town. We learned that the town is at one end of Missouri”s new Rock Island trail which is currently under development.

Video on the ride…

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Midwest Bicycle Swap And Ride

Pre-Swap Garage Riders

This past weekend was the 6th annual Midwest Bicycle Swap. Saturday night is the Pre-Swap garage Ride where we ride the paths around town and make 3 stops at club members garages for refreshments. We are one of the stops so we spent Saturday cleaning and organizing the garage and making snacks. Sunday was the swap. Less than ideal weather but it was still a good turn-out and a great time. I sold a bike and a few parts. I bought just a couple of parts.

Our garage doesn”t get much cleaner that it is right now and this is most of our bikes all in one place so I thought I”d capture it on video.

Midwest Bicycle Swap And Garage Ride

Saturday night was the Pre-Swap Garage ride. Our garage was one of the stops.

I spent Saturday cleaning and organizing the garage.

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Ride And Swap Meet

This past Sunday was the 4th annual Midwest Bicycle Swap. The night prior to, is the Pre-Swap Garage ride where a group rides around our little town stopping off at a couple of our garages to socialize and look at bikes. Both the ride and the swap were a great time.

Our garage cleaned up for the ride.

Garage riders.

At the swap Great-Grandpa bought our Grand-son this cool Austrian made Steyr muscle bike. I plan to give it an overhaul.

The Grand-Daughter was given a newer bike that we”ll fix up for her. She also won this helmet.

The 2 Grand-Sons looking at just a few of the many, many bikes at the swap.

Midwest Bicycle Swap

A little less than a month from now this place will be a buzz with more bikes and bike parts than you can shake a Schwinn Stingray Stik Shifter at.

More info here.

Thinning The Herd

Pictured above is my space at last Sunday”s Midwest Bicycle Swap. It was another great swap and fun time! I brought 9 complete bikes and one frame/fork. I priced them all to sell and sell they did. 2 bikes and the frame were already sold when I took this photo early morning.

Here is what I sold…
Alenax, All Pro muscle bike, Cat in the Hat muscle bike, Western Flyer muscle bike, Western Flyer Buzz Bike, Pirate bike frame/fork, Columbia hybrid, Stratoflyer, new bmx, new girl”s 16″.

I just did a quick count and that still leaves us with 25 ride-able bikes. In addition to those, I still have a few holiday theme bikes and future projects disassembled and stashed away.

Nova and Mom at our booth.

Garage Ride

Last night we opened up our garage for the Pre-Swap Garage Ride. We were one of 3 garages on the tour. About 40 riders rode around town stopping at the garages to view bikes, socialize, eat and drink. It was a fun time.

Most of the riders before taking off.

We started this ride last year as a way to entertain those who were coming to the swap from out of town and staying the night in a hotel. Last year there were only a half-dozen or so riders.

On a bike message board I frequent there’s a running joke about how I have this never ending supply of bikes and parts that I pull from this magical portal in my garage ceiling. In truth it’s probably just the same bikes and parts being recycled through the attic. Last night I offered tours of it.