This Year’s Patriotic Pub Pedal Bike

I pieced this together for our annual Patriotic Pub Pedal.

Put together from parts and pieces I had. The frame is a cantilever Schwinn that I got for free at this year’s swap meet.

If I recall correctly I won the bell from Electra.

Schwinn Straight-bar Knock-Off

I haven’t yet posted anything about the frame Nova unveiled in the latest What’s In The Box? video. I guess I was waiting until I decided what I was going to do with it. I’ve yet to decide for sure but in the meantime I threw some parts on it and have been riding it.

The frame is a Chinese knock-off of a Schwinn straight-bar. Unlike the old Schwinns though this frame is aluminum and takes a 1 inch fork and a 7/8ths inch seat post. The fork I picked up at a local bike shop. The wheel set is the first I ever built many years ago, the rear wheel having an old Bendix 2 speed kickback. The handlebars I had and lengthened them slightly. The Brooks saddle is shared between this and another bike.



About That Green Bike

Seems like anytime I post a photo to social media of a bike I’m working on that was taken in the garage, I’ll get this question… “What’s that green bike in the background?”. I put together a quick video to explain it.

Schwinn Heavy-Duti

DSC 1422
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Schwinn Heavy-Duti. I bought the frame, fork and chain guard on the internet back in 2012. This bike had been through several configurations. The latest a klunker.

HD Klunker

I made a simple transformation of my Schwinn Heavy Duti grocery getter in to a “klunker” for the Off Road Build Off.

Once completed I rode it over to test it on some nearby trails which are about 5 miles away. The gearing (46×22) was pretty good for both the road and the trails.

I swapped out the wheel set, replacing the rear 3 speed hub with a single speed coaster brake. Replaced the saddle, handle bars and removed the chain guard.

Our Rides For The Holiday

A couple of days ago I put together our rides for the holiday.

New this year. Based on a Western Flyer frame and whatever I could find in my parts that was red, white or blue.

This Schwinn American I”ve put together the past few years. Photo taken yesterday while on an errand.

My New Schwinn

Another cheap Chinese made bike from evil Walmart. The Schwinn Low Glide 29er. I can’t help myself. I thought it looked pretty cool and retro and it was of course cheap in price. I do spend money at my LBS though upgrading and accessorizing these bikes though so that lessons the guilt some.

It’s an aluminum frame and wheels, a 7 speed Shimano and linear pull brakes. Low Glide seems a funny name for a 29″ wheeled bike.

Unboxing the bike…

Here is what the bike looks like in its original state.

Here is what I’ve done so far…
Replaced stock saddle with a Brooks.
Replaced grip shift with thumb. Replaced bars and stem.
Replaced pedals.
Replaced grips.
Removed fenders and rack.
Added a water bottle cage. Used zip ties for now as there are no bosses.
Greased wheels, headset and bottom bracket. Adjusted brakes.

I didn’t like “Low Glide” so I sanded that portion of the chainguard (the decals had been cleared over) and repainted with paint I had that was a pretty close match. My mother made me a new decal to replace it.

The frame is a little big for me but that’s not a real problem with the type of riding I do. In the 2 days since I put it together I’ve put 35 miles on it with no issues.

I may eventually put on a more functional rear rack and possibly put the fenders back on.

Schwinn Typhoon

This bike gets reconfigured frequently.

Free Bike Swag

“You Have Won An American Flag Bell”
That’s an e-mail I received from Electra Bicycle Company today. I had submitted a photo for Electra’s Veterans Day Photo Contest.
Here’s a screenshot from their FaceBook page. My bike is bottom left. That top photo is awesome and the bike just happens to be an Electra.

Also free… the other day I was given this Schwinn shirt from a friend.