Pedaler’s Jamboree 2017

Memorial weekend we attended our 5th Pedaler’s Jamboree in Missouri. The Pedaler’s Jamboree is a 2 day ride on the KATY trail with music, food and beer stops along the way. As always we had a great time. It was nice seeing old friends and making new. We really appreciate the people that watch our videos and approach us on the ride.

I’ll let the video and photos tell the rest of the story.

Nashville And The Cumberland River Greenway

The final stop on our Fall trip was in Nashville where we rode the Cumberland River Greenway and around town. Once at music row we parked the bikes and spent the afternoon and evening walking around checking out the live music.



Toys For Tots Ride

This past Sunday we once again attended the annual Toys For Tots ride. A few photos of just some of our friends that also rode.

Muskegon – Michigan

Ride 7 and the last ride of our Fall vacation was the Muskegon Lakeshore Trail, along Lake Michigan and around the town of Muskegon, Michigan.

Lake Michigan Trail – Michigan

Ride 6 of our Fall vacation was around Racine, Wisconsin and along Lake Michigan and the Root River trail. There was more riding than this video would lead you to believe but a lot of it was urban and not much to see so I didn”t film it.


Lake MichiganPortobello burger at the Reefpoint Brew House

Sparta Elroy Trail – Wisconsin

Ride 5 of our Fall vacation was the nation”s very first rail-to-trail the Sparta Elroy in Wisconsin which runs between the towns of Sparta and Elroy. Our hotel in Sparta was just a mile from the trail head and had a bike lane which was very nice. We rode the trail out and back. Including the miles from our hotel and back and side excursions it was a 70 mile ride. The trail is not paved but is really hard packed and a good surface to ride. Even though it had rained the day before the trail wasn”t soft.
My only complaint (if you”d call it that) is the distance. Not that we have a problem riding this distance, it”s just with our inability to get around for an early start, our slow pace and the many stops we make for various reasons, on longer trails like this I feel we need to hurry to finish before darkness sets in and this means less time for exploring the towns and anything else we might encounter along the trail. i.e. when we reached the end point in Elroy, we didn”t feel we had time to ride farther in to town to check it out and have lunch which we”d have liked to do.


Tunnel watchman

Old Abe State Trail – Wisconsin

Ride 4 of our Fall vacation was the Old Abe State Trail. It”s a nice paved rail-to-trail between the towns of Chippewa Falls and Cornell, Wisconsin. We trucked the bikes from our hotel in to Chippewa Falls to catch the trail. Round trip for us was 43 miles.



Chippewa River State Trail – Wisconsin

Ride 2 of our Fall vacation. Over the past 2 weeks we we’ve been traveling and riding trails. After a brief overnight stop in Iowa which included a short ride on the High Trestle Trail we moved on to Wisconsin where we rode the Chippewa River State Trail. We rode from Eau Claire to Durand and back for a total of 65 miles. This is a really nice paved trail with scenery of farmland, forest and the river.

Buddy’s Cycle Fest 2015

Over this past weekend we took a road trip to Pleasant Hill, Missouri to attend Buddy”s Cycle Fest which is a show & swap. Following the show and swap we all rode a nice gravel trail a couple miles out of town to the city lake and back. Upon our return we were treated to a bbq. We both had a good time and found Pleasant Hill to be a nice little town. We learned that the town is at one end of Missouri”s new Rock Island trail which is currently under development.

Video on the ride…

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Prairie Spirit Trail

Over the weekend we went to eastern Kansas and the town of Ottawa where re rode the Prairie Spirit rail-to-trail to Welda and back for a total of 65 miles. The first and last time we rode the trail was 13 years ago. The trail is pretty flat and straight and when not within the trees, you”ll see farm and ranch land.

These last photos are of us in the Garnett depot 13 years ago when we first rode the trail and most recently.