This Year’s Patriotic Pub Pedal Bike

I pieced this together for our annual Patriotic Pub Pedal.

Put together from parts and pieces I had. The frame is a cantilever Schwinn that I got for free at this year’s swap meet.

If I recall correctly I won the bell from Electra.

Schwinn Typhoon

This bike gets reconfigured frequently.

Morining Errand Bikes

Yesterday I needed to run some errands but before I did I quickly put this bike together so I”d have something different to run (ride) them on.

This morning I tore down the one above (had a flat) and built this one up to ride to the store.

Schwinn For Glen

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After my Daughter recently took home a bike her boyfriend expressed interest in one and of course I was more than happy to throw something together for him too.
I started with this frame which was from a late model Schwinn that I got through a productivity rewards program at my former employer several years ago. I had used most of the parts on other projects.

The paint had been damaged in shipping so I crudely removed most of the finish and the decals and shot it with primer to give it a rat-rod look. I scrounged up some new and old parts that I had on hand built it up.

Build-Off Bike Update

I had taken the wheels and tires off of the build-off bike to use on the Heavy-Duti. I replaced them with a orange wheel set I had and a pair of fat tires. I also faux patina”d a rear fender to match and put it on. Removed the wooden rack box and replaced the seat with a Brooks.

The Votes Are In…

And Uncle Touchy”s Backroads Bomber, my entry in the 7th annual bicycle build off, tied for 31st place out of 106 bikes and 95 places. Congratulations to all who participated and finished. Group Ride

The 7th annual Bicycle Build-Off is coming to and end. Several of us local members got together today to show and ride our finished entries in the build-off. It was a nice ride and enjoyable day with temperatures in the 90s instead of the 100s it has been lately. It was great to see all the cool bikes and my bicycling buddies.


Uncle Touchy’s Backroads Bomber

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First picture is as the bike is now.

I originally built this bike for the 7th annual bicycle Build-off. It was named after a late Great-Uncle who was a life-long Kansas farmer and was inspired by the farm truck that sits along our local rail-to-trail. It’s a Monark frame with a variety of other parts. I used several paints and primer to get the patina and rusty look. The rear wheel I laced around a Sturmey Archer 2 speed Duomatic Kick Shift.


51 Schwinn Straight Bar Re-Ratted

Playing around today and pulled this frame and fork down from the attic and built it up once again. The “tank plate” was originally on the bike I built 7 years ago for the build-off #1. It was a Tornado. I had to trim the plate some to fit the straight-bar.

More Build-Off Bike Photos

Above is the inspiration for the bike I”m building for the Bicycle Build-off. This old Chevy farm truck was used and parked on our local rail-to-trail. It was recently vandalized with all the glass being broken out.

Below some progress pics. I also laced up the rear wheel to a new 2 speed hub.

The Prince Albert can stashed under the seat a nod to my late Great-Uncle Touchy a Kansas farmer. Though I”m thinking I may need a different seat. As much as I like the Brooks it”s just not fitting for this theme.