Hallowheelie 2016

Last night was our 10th annual Halloween pub pedal known as Hallowheelie. Such a fun and creative bunch.

Our friend Dan as the Phantom of the Opera with the pipe organ mounted on his bike.

Poster I put together for the event.

Tank Bike Night

Last night was Tank Bike Night at our Thursday Night Pub Pedal. A good turn-out of cool old factory tank bikes plus some great custom tanks. You can probably guess which one was mine.

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Poster I made for the event.

Woody Night

Last night was Woody Night at the Thursday Night Pub Pedal where the idea was to incorporate wood in to your bike. There was some really nice craftsmanship but I of course went the cheezy route with the 2×4.

Hallowheelie 2015

This past Thursday was our annual Halloween pub pedal known as Hallowheelie. Here are a few of the many photos I took.

Nova and myself.


Me as Flasher Frank.

Klunker Night

This past Thursday was Klunker Night at the Thursday Night Pub Pedal.

First up is the bike I built up for the occasion based on a 51 Schwinn straight-bar frame.

Photos I took of a few of the bikes there. If you didn”t have a “klunker” you were encouraged to ride a mtb or other off-road bike.

Patriotic Pub Pedal

Last night we participated in the annual Patriotic Pub Pedal. A great time as always with this bunch. A few of the photos I took…

Our Daughter and her boyfriend joined us. Continue reading “Patriotic Pub Pedal”

Rollin On Twenties

Last night I participated in our groups 20 Inch Night where you are encouraged to ride a bike with 20″ wheels or smaller. This gives those with muscle bikes, old school BMX or lowriders in their collections a reason to get them out and ride them. Some even build custom bikes which is what I did this year.

This is what I came up with.

Based on a BMX frame but made taller to stretch my legs out.

Below are a few of the photos I took of the evening. Many more photos here.

At our usual meet-up place.

Dale on his little bike.

In front of pub 2.

Friend Tim on my bike.

Steve and Dan playing with the wheelie bar.

The young fellow recieving kuddos for riding to the top of the 7 story parking garage.

A staged crash.


Post Apocalyptic Pub Pedal

Last night I participated in our clubs Post Apocalyptic Pub Pedal (aka Mad Max Night). What a great time! Such fun and creative people. Below are just some of the photos I took. You can view them all here.

The first photo is me and the bike I put together for the ride. More photos of the bike here.

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