Opening Day For Trails

Yesterday we celebrated the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy’s Opening Day Of Trails with a ride on the near-by Prairie Sunset trail. We began in Wichita and rode 13 miles to the trails current end in the town of Garden Plain. The trail runs east and west and with the trees, bushes and sections where it’s dug in to the hillside, we were slightly protected from the 25 mph south wind. While in Garden Plain we stopped at the two bar & grills for lunch and beverages. At the second stop we really enjoyed our conversation with the owner which ranged from cars (while watching the Mecum auto auction on tv) to MAD magazine which we found out is still being printed. He even gave us hats. On the return ride we crossed paths with a friend who was also enjoying a ride on the trail.

Photo credit Nova.

Covered bridge on the trail.

The Stern Bar & Grill.

Lunch at The Stern.

Reading MAD magazine at The Other Place.

Free hats!

Words to live by.

“Bike on wood” photo for Bicycle Ride & Seek.

Opening Day for Trails

To celebrate “Opening Day for Trails” Saturday we rode our local rail-to-trail the Prairie Sunset which was about 24 miles round trip.






My 365th consecutive day of riding was on our local rail-to-trail the Prairie Sunset.

Today made 1 year that I”ve ridden my bike every day. Some days were errands, other days for fun and a few days I had to force myself to ride just to keep the consecutive days going.

Riding The Prairie Sunset In The Snow

Riding our near-by rail-to-trail the Prairie Sunset yesterday. What I hoped would be a ride on a blanket of freshly fallen snow was instead mostly a slog through the slush as the temperature rose.

Prairie Sunset With Mom & Pop

Today Mom, Dad and I got around early to beat the 100 degree temperature and rode our local rail-to-trail the Prairie Sunset.

Dad on his new bike.

Snacking on Sand Plums along the trail.

There was some new signage since the last time I rode the trail

This one marks where the city of Goddard, KS begins maintaining the growth alongside the trail.

Mom along side a new trail sign and map.

Recently installed bike rack at the park in Goddard.

Which we should have used.

Celebrating Opening Day For Trails

Today was Opening Day For Trails as proclaimed by the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy.

We celebrated with a couple of rides. First was a group ride I put together on our local rail-to-trail the Prairie Sunset. 13 of us showed up and rode 18 miles with a few stops and surprises along the way.

The group on the trail.

Group Geocouching! How cool is that?! Read the story behind it here.

Nova being a bad influence on the children.

Lunch at the Frosty Treat in Garden Plain, KS. It was here that one of the group realized that another in the group had been their teacher in high-school nearly 30 years ago. Another “how cool is that?!”

After our group ride we picked up our Grand-daughter and took her riding along the Arkansas River path in the big city.

Grand-daughter, Grandma and Papa under a train bridge.

Ally climbing up the river bank.

Riding The Sunset And A Moonlit Ride

Mom, Dad & I rode our local rail-to-trail the Prairie Sunset today. A beautiful morning with a mild temperature and little wind. New gravel was being placed on the trail while we rode.

Tonight nova and I rode our local path under a full moon.

Foggy Morning Bike Ride

I was planning on riding somewhere from home this morning but it was foggy making it too dangerous to ride on the roads. I instead trucked my bike to our local rail-to-trail the Prairie Sunset.

Covered bridge on the Prairie Sunset trail.

Me in the fog.

Fog over wheat field.

I stopped 2 miles short of the end of the trail as they were putting down new gravel. Great to see work being done on the trail.

Old rusty culvert.

Hedge apples that didn”t make it to the ground.

Some of the trash I collected along the way.

On my return ride about a mile from the truck I noticed my left crank arm was loose. When I got back to the truck the nut was barely holding on by a thread.

Real short video…

Sunset On The Prairie Sunset

Earlier in the week I planned and started promoting a group ride on our local rail-to-trail which I”ve been saying I was going to do for a while now. The trail is the Prairie Sunset and the ride was timed so we”d be on it at sunset. Despite the short notice, chilly temperature and wind there were 13 that showed. Some rode just a part of the trail. Nova, myself and a few others rode the entire trail. We had a great time and the return trip on the trail in the dark was pretty neat.