St Patrick’s Parade & Pub Pedal

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Another great St Patrick’s celebration with the bike club. As always I rode the Bronco Bike in the parade. Following the parade we rode with the gang for food and beverages.

2015 Errandonnee – Errand 12 Was For St Patrick

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Yesterday was the annual St Patrick”s Parade that our bike club rides in. After the parade we do a pub pedal. Always a great time! I”m counting the ride in the parade as an errand for the Errandonnee.

My view during the parade.I forgot to get a photo of the bike I rode but from this photo I hope you can tell it”s not a bike I”ve ridden on any previous errands. It”s the Bronco Bike with the eccentric wheels that I ride once a year for this event. This makes for a different bike I”ve ridden on each of the 12 errands I completed. After the parade I switch over to another bike for the Pub Pedal.

Errand: Work Or Volunteering – I”m using this category since I volunteer to do things for the bike group like entering us in this parade.

What I Learned/Observation: This parade keeps getting bigger with more spectators, parade entrants and even more that ride in our group.

Miles: 1

Date: 03-14-2015

So if I figured this right I ended the Errandonnee with 12 errands in 8 categories riding a total of 95 miles on 12 different bikes.
My Errandonnee Control Card here.


Some of the gang at one of the pubs.Some of the gang at one of the pubs.

WeWe”ve had all the fun we can handle and heading home.

All of the photos I took of the day can be viewed on our club”s website.

St Patrick’s Celebration

Yesterday I rode in the St Patrick”s parade in the big city with our bike club. After the parade both of us along with a few friends from the club did a pub pedal for food and drinks to 5 different “pubs”. We even enjoyed a little bit of live bagpipe and other music at a couple of the stops. It was beautiful weather for most of the day but a storm moved in early evening and we did get a little wet. Not oly did we enjoy seeing our bike friends who we don”t see all that often during the winter, we also bumped in to a couple of long time friends we hadn”t seen in years. Just shy of our normal bedtime we called it an evening and headed home. It was a long but fun day.
All of the parade photos I took can be seen here. Here are a few post parade photos…

I took this photo from about the middle of of our group in the parade.

Myself and Nova.

Irish Rudolph, the captain on our friends tandem, watches over our bikes at one of our pub stops.

A friends Sister in from out-of-town to ride with us.

2012 Tour De Fat Minneapolis

On a whim, Friday morning we loaded the bikes in the truck and took off for Minneapolis Minnesota (640 miles) to attend the Tour De Fat on Saturday. The Tour De Fat is a traveling “ballyhoo of bicycles and beer” put on by the New Belgium Brewery the makers of Fat Tire and other beers. This event raises funds for bicycle organizations in the towns that they are held. The day starts out with a bicycle parade through the city, returning to the event grounds where there is beer, food, music and a variety of other entertainment. It’s a parade, ride, costume party, circus, vaudeville, concert, revival, fair, bike show and fund raiser all wrapped up in one event. This is our 5th TDF in 4 different cities and we’ve never been disappointed. A great time! I leave the TDF with the same emotions you have as a kid wanting to run away and join the circus.

Many years ago we spent a night in Minneapolis taking in the Mall of America and all though this time it was also a short stay we’re really impressed with what we’ve seen of the city. It’s definitely a bicycle city. Another great thing about Minneapolis is that the temperature was over 20 degrees cooler then home. When we returned home last night around 7:00 it was still 108 degrees.

Also while in Minneapolis I contacted a internet acquaintance and fellow bike enthusiast who lives there and took time out of his schedule to ride over to the festival just so we could meet in person. Thanks Steve we enjoyed visiting with you.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day

For the first time I won”t be riding today in the St Patrick”s Day parade (attending a birthday party instead). I”ve participated and rode the Bronco Bike all of the 5 years the parade has been happening. This event is generally our clubs first big event coming out of winter, and is always a great time especially with the post parade pub pedal. I switch bikes for that 😉

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Shades of green from this morning”s ride.

I guess I was wrong about my assumption of theft in a previous post. On another section of the bike path the missing “curves ahead” sign surfaced.

On my way back home I picked up a passenger. Lucky for her I”d chosen a bike that had a rear rack.

Parade That Didn’t Happen

The Grandkids decorated their bikes for a bike parade that was part of our town”s Spring festival this weekend. The wind was ridiculous so we didn”t think the kids could ride to the event and make it in one piece. They did attend the festival but it didn”t appear there was anything going on with the parade.

Christmas Parade

Yesterday along with our bike club we rode in a Christmas parade in the big city. It really wasn’t all that cold (lower 40s) but the wind made it feel a lot colder. After the parade a few of us rode to a couple of area establishments for beverages and food. Here’s video I took.

St Patrick’s Parade

Yesterday for the 4th year I along with our club participated in the big city”s annual St Patrick”s parade. I rode the bronco bike as I always do. This year for the first time I handed out candy which was tricky on this bike. Afterwords we ride down to a favorite pub for the after parade party. I have a different bike stashed at the end of the parade route for the ride to the pub.
Photos and a video here.

Nova in her green at dinner after the party. She doesn”t ride in the parade yet reaps the benefits of the post parade party and ride.

Christmas Parades

Yesterday we were supposed to ride in 2 different parades. First was the historic Delano district”s Christmas parade and then the Bikes For Tots parade. We rode in the Dealno parade with about 15 others from our club. It was pretty cold and windy but still a fun time.
The Bikes For Tots parade was first delayed and then canceled but we still attended the after party to celebrate the accomplishments of the organization which will be giving over 170 new bikes to area kids at Christmas.

More info and photos from the day here.

Tis The Season…

To reassemble the Christmas Cruiser for our clubs upcoming parades and Christmas Lights Cruise. This year I added presents to the rack I made last year.