20 Inch Night 2016

Last night I participated in our groups 10th annual 20 inch Night. This gives people an excuse to bring out the little bikes in their collection that they may not ride on a regular basis. Instead of riding one of our 20 inch Schwinns I opted to ride the kustom bike I made for this same ride last year. Also the Pub Pedal’s meet up spot, the Shamrock Lounge had their Pub Pedaler’s appreciation dinner and provided us with smoked ribs.
As has happened many times in the past, we encounter people in the Old Town district who want to ride the bikes. This time it was several girls in town for a wedding.

20 Inch Night

Last night was the bike club”s 8th annual 20 Inch Night at the Thursday Night Pub Pedal. I had 2, 20″ bikes ready to go, our Stingray for Nova and the Grand-son”s Steyr for me. Nova decided to sit this one out so I took the Stingray.

It was a beautiful evening to be riding and hanging out on the patios of our favorite pubs. We had a great turn-out. I counted 25, 20 inch wheeled bikes and there may have been more.

My ride.

A wide variety of small bikes with the majority being muscle bikes.

Early in the evening at our starting point. Many more bikes would arrive later.

We were also joined by Bixby and her owner. Bixby is traveling the country by bike promoting pet adoption.

Find out more about Bixby here… http://wheresbixby.com/

Poster I put together for the event.

All my photos from the evening can be seen here.

Steyr Muscle Bike

This Steyr muscle bike was made by the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch, the same company that makes Puch bicycles. Great-Grandpa bought it for Grand-son Blake at this year’s Midwest Bicycle Swap. I regreased, cleaned and waxed it before sending it home with him. The seat and sissy bar are not original.

Blake on it at the swap where it was purchased.

Muscle Bikes

I spotted 2 sweet muscle bikes at a pawn shop today. I exercised what little self control I have and this is as close as I got to them. The one in the front is a Western Flyer of some kind with what I think are aftermarket steering wheel handlebars. The one behind it I think might be a Western Flyer Ramrod with a different seat/sissy bar and missing fender.

20 Inch Night

Last night I participated in our groups 5th annual 20 Inch Night where you are encouraged to ride a bike with 20″ wheels or smaller. This ride gives those of us who have smaller bikes in our collections an excuse to get them out and ride them. Others have built special bikes for the occasion or went on the hunt for one just for this night. Out of the 3 I have, I chose to ride the Cat In The Hat bike. The bike fits me pretty good and is fun to ride. The seat gets a little old after a while though. A couple of years ago Nova bought a bike just for the occasion but she didn’t participate this year.
Photos I took can be viewed here.


Western Flyer Buzz Bike

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Kustom Western Flyer Buzz Bike Eliminator.

Company’s Coming – Part 2

I decided just to leave the bike in primer for that Hot Rod look. Couldn’t decide on a color anyway. When assembling it this time I noticed the rear end of the frame is pretty tweaked. Glad I didn’t put any more effort into it. It’ll ride fine though. Put on a smaller sprocket, Schwinn head badge and speedometer. Apes with leopard grips off of another of my bikes.

Company’s Coming

The Scrambler done.

Update on 2010-05-27 07:26

Here are the Scrambler parts painted. Went and picked up tires, pedals and a seat from the LBS.

Original Post on 2010-05-26 23:01

Our Daughter and Grandkids are coming to visit from Alaska in a couple of weeks!! That means I need to come up with bikes the kids can ride while they’re here. They’ve been gone well over a year now and I’m sure have outgrown the little 16 inch bikes they had here. Just as it was when they moved, the oldest Grandson is still the only one who rides without training wheels. I’d like nothing more than for one or both of the others to learn to ride while they’re here but I’m not getting my hopes up.
Anyway I’m gonna build two 20 inch bikes. I really don’t want to put too much time or money in to these considering the short time they will see use. The first is this Schwinn Mag Scrambler that I had built up as a muscle bike a couple years ago for the RatRodBikes.com Kids Bike Build-Off. I’m going to turn it back into a bmx bike.

The other is this Western Flyer Buzz Bike.

I just hope the bikes are not too big for him/them

Chopped Sears 24 inch

Was looking on here for this photo to post somewhere else and found that I had never posted it here. Chopped the frame of this 24″ Sears and extended some forks. This was a short lived project from a couple of years ago that never made it any farther than this.

Test Ride

Going through some photos and videos from last year and found this one of Nova testing out the bike she bought for our clubs 20 Inch Night.