2015 Midwest Bicycle Fest

I declared the 11th Midwest bicycle Fest this past Sunday the final one. It”s just become more work than I am willing to put in to it anymore. We went out with a bang though giving away 12 bikes, 21 trophies and tons of prizes. All for free. Instead of us cooking this year a local Boy Scout troop provided the food. I didn”t get any photos but here are a few that my Mother and Daughter took…

Cans for raffle bike tickets.


Early before many more bikes arrived.

Boy Scouts working the kitchen.

Our emcee with a trophy I made him.

Winner of the Best Non-Schwinn trophy receiving his heavy trophy from this year

Me getting air at the tire toss.

New contest this year, Pump Till It Pops.

1 of 12 bike winners. This one the custom built bike.

Save The Baby competition…

Parade Ride…

Bike Fest Prep

The 11th and final Midwest Bicycle Fest is this Sunday. I have mixed emotions. Maybe more on that later. Here”s a sneak peek in to the Midwest Bicycle Fest headquarters and just some of the stuff we”ll be giving away. Still more trophies to make, prizes to get and 8 more bikes that we”ll be giving away.

Part 2…

10 Years Ago

10 years ago I first put on the MidwestBicycleFest. Can”t believe it”s been that long and is still going. It”s evolved quote a bit from it”s humble beginnings. Each year more and more is done by other people which I”m grateful for as it lowers my stress level a little.

Coming up with artwork for the poster and shirt has always been stressful as I”m no artist but this year, as a couple others, someone else did the art.

Here are 2 of at least 5 trophies that I”ll be making.

My room is slowly filling up with food, props and prizes.

Another Bike Fest Come And Gone

We all had a great time at the 9th annual Midwest Bicycle Fest this past Sunday. What a busy, hectic couple of weeks it”s been. Thank you to my family and friends for all the help!

Grand-sons and the door prizes they won.

Grand-son Ethan won the youth class of the Skid Row competition.

Daughter & Grand-daughter working the Bicycle Bowling game.

More fest photos here.

Couple of videos…

Another Bike Fest For The History Books

Number 8 if you’re keeping track. Probably enjoyed myself the most ever this year. I believe that’s due to the great volunteers that help out which includes my family. Things went pretty smoothly and I had a little time to relax. Got to sit down and eat one of the awesome hotdogs with the family for the first time. We also have some really generous sponsors.
Four generations of my family attended. My Sister-In-Law and her husband made a 5 hour drive to attend this year.
I was surprised to meet a woman at the fest who actually reads this blog. I’ve since forgotten your and your husbands name but it was nice to meet you and thanks for reading!

Fest Video…

New this year was the pre-fest cruise the night before. I thought we had a pretty good turnout being it was the first time. Short video from that…

Here’s another video from the fest that mostly has my family in it. My Dad, Nova and In-laws doing the tire toss. Dad and his Great Grand-Sons doing tire toss. Eldest Grand-son in the Skid Row competition. Both Grand-Sons in the Save The Baby (wearing festival shirts). My Mother running the registration table.

Midwest Bicycle Fest

Rode the local path this morning and made use of a couple naked sign posts. 2 more days until the Midwest Bicycle Fest. Looking forward to it but I”ll be glad when it”s over so I can start thinking about something other than “bike fest”. Maybe our next bicycle adventure.

While on the path I stopped to photograph this big old tree. With it”s exposed roots grasping the edge of the creek bank it is a landmark along the bike path. I”m surprised I”ve never photographed it before.