Pedal Scrapers Diecast Models

I was recently reminded of these but when I searched for them here I couldn’t find them. I’m sure I posted these before but it must have gotten lost when I switched blog platforms.

I believe I purchased these back in 2006 or 7 at Walmart. They were made by Planet Toys and modeled after actual bicycles made by 26″ Custom Bicycles. If I recall correctly they also made larger models and I gave a couple of those away at the Midwest Bicycle Fest.

Models were the Southsyde, Verdict, Street Sweeper, Lemon Crush, Freshly Squeezed and Chopsickle.

Santa On Bike Christmas Ornament

Sorry to bring up Christmas so soon but I found this Santa on a bike Christmas ornament at Target today and I wanted to share asap so you could get one if you”re interested before they are all gone. The bike has a kickstand so it can stand on it”s own although barely.

Bike Trail Books

I was going through a cabinet and found these (mostly old) bike trail books of ours. We used to have to go to book stores and bike shops to find out about trails.

Icicle Bicycle

I bought this Keepsake brand 1993 Christmas ornament “Icicle Bicycle” today at a antique store.

Sprocket Spoke Snowman & Chain Star

A couple of Holiday decorations I made this year from bike parts.

The snowman I made from sprockets and spokes. The sprockets I welded together then painted. The spoke arms are just hot-glued on. I wrapped him in a ribbon scarf and stuck him in a piece of painted door trim. The hat is 2 pieces of scrap wood painted with a slot cut in the bottom.

This star was harder than it looked. I wrestled with it quite a bit to get the shape. I used a chain tool to offset the pins to hold its shape.

Screenshot from Pee-wee Herman”s Facebook page.

Our Bicycle Christmas Ornaments & Decorations

Donald Duck Bicycle Christmas Ornament.

Red Bike Christmas Ornament.

Wizard Of Oz Bicycle Christmas Ornament.

Muscle Bike Christmas Ornament.

Santa and Reindeer bicycle Christmas Ornament

Red Bicycle Christmas Ornament.

Chinese Food Bicycle Christmas Ornament.

Santa on High Wheeler Bicycle Christmas Ornament.

Chain Star Christmas Ornament I made in 2013.

Sprocket and spoke snowman I made in 2013.

A 1993 Icicle Bicycle ornament I bought in 2013.

Stingray Sign

The other day I posted about several bicycle home decor items we spotted while out shopping. Here is the one thing I couldn’t resist buying even though I’m not a fan of the replica metal signs. Found it at Hobby Lobby.

Bikes In My Room

Part of the Bikes In Our House series. Bikes and bike related stuff in our house.

I just remembered I never finished this series. Here I believe is the last room in the house, my room/office…