Prairie Spirit Trail

Over the weekend we went to eastern Kansas and the town of Ottawa where re rode the Prairie Spirit rail-to-trail to Welda and back for a total of 65 miles. The first and last time we rode the trail was 13 years ago. The trail is pretty flat and straight and when not within the trees, you”ll see farm and ranch land.

These last photos are of us in the Garnett depot 13 years ago when we first rode the trail and most recently.


My Photo In The Kansas Trail Guide

Sometime last year the authors of the Kansas Trail Guide contacted me asking to use one of my photos in their upcoming book to which I agreed in exchange for a copy of the book. I received the book today.

Kansas Trail Guide.

About the book…
“The book includes detailed descriptions of the best trails across Kansas by geographical area, including GPS information, how to get to the trailheads, where to park, which trails are open for cyclists, hikers, and/or horseback riders, suggestions for nearby outfitters and restaurants, and for the long distance trails or as applicable for the shorter trails, the best options for camp sites nearby and along the way.”

I”ve only done a quick scan through it”s pages but it appears to be really nicely done. In addition to trail locations, photos, maps and details it also has info on Kansas history, flora, fauna, geology, geography and more.

My photo…
Kansas Trail Guide.

If I”d been asked in advance to go take a photo of the trail for the book it wouldn”t have been this shot but I was pleased after seeing it in print.

A search found the book can be purchased online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Visit the Kansas Trail Guide Website here.

Edit: This book was honored as one of the 15 Notable Books Of Kansas in 2016.

El Dorado With The Grand-Kids

Yesterday we took the Grand-kids to the near-by town of El Dorado to ride a path there which runs from the city out to the lake. Once at the lake the boys and I raced up the dike/dam. Ethan won and is the only one of us to make it to the top continuously running. Once at the top, against Nova’s better judgement I let the kids go down to the lakes edge. Ally slipped and a leg went in to the freezing water. We replaced her wet sock with a Chex Mix bag so her foot wouldn’t be wet. On the ride back another poor judgement call I made was to take a single track trail which appeared to be dry but the further we got the wetter it was. Wheels, fenders and brakes clogged with mud to the point the bikes wouldn’t even roll. We spent a good bit of time scraping and poking the mud off our bikes with sticks to get them rolling again. Once back in town we stopped for lunch. The kids seemed to have a good time and enjoy the ride.


Dad’s Birthday On The Flint Hills Nature Trail

In celebration of my Dad”s 81st birthday we took him to ride 25 miles on the Flint hills Nature Trail. Nothing he loves more than being outdoors. The temperature was nice for this time of year. Ridiculous wind but we never had to ride full on against it. My mother was kind enough to drop us off and pick us up. She rode the trail back in 2012.


Landon Nature Trail – Topeka Kansas

This past Sunday we took a 2 hour drive to our State capital to ride the Landon Nature Trail. This is a rail-to-trail that runs Southeast out of Topeka, and will eventually connect with the Flint-hills Nature Trail. Currently 12 miles of the trail are developed. The first 3.5 miles in Topeka are paved and the rest, a pretty good gravel surface. The entire trail is under a tree canopy which is great for providing shade and blocking the wind but it doesn’t allow for any viewing of the surrounding landscape. The trail has many curves and no long straights which is nice and keeps it from becoming a mundane ride.

Biking With Friends

Today Nova and I rode our local rail-to-trail the Prairie Sunset with a few friends. It was overcast and sprinkling which was nice after the past few days of 100+ degree heat. We all chatted along the way and before we knew it we run out of trail.

The Meadowlark And Välkommen Trails With Mom And Pop

This month makes 51 years of hanging out with Mom & Dad!

Today Mom, Dad and I headed North to ride the Meadowlark And Välkommen Trails. Both are rails-to-trails. The Meadowlark Trail is a work in progress. It has a crushed limestone surface. It leaves Mcpherson going North and will eventually connect to the paved Välkommen Trail that runs within the city limits of Lindsborg. Currently only 4 miles of the Meadowlark Trail nearest McPherson are open.

Prairie Spirit & Southwind Trails

The Prairie Spirit is a rail-to-trail in our home state of Kansas. The first and last time we rode this trail was 11 years ago and at that time it was a length of 33 miles and ran between the towns of Ottawa at the North end and Welda at the South. Since then the trail has been extended Southward a few times. The State manages the trail and has extended it 18 miles to the town of Iola. The city of Iola has paved the trail within their city limits and more recently a non-profit organization has extended the trail South of Iola to the town of Humboldt. This privately developed and maintained section was given a different name and is called the Southwind Rail Trail. I alone rode the Southwind for the first time last month.
Yesterday we got on the trail at Iola and rode North to Welda where we turned around and rode South to Humboldt and then back to Iola. It rained on us briefly but other than that it was a perfect day for a ride with the temperatures in the 60s and 70s.
Along the way we stopped for a snack at a little store in the town of Colony. At the end of the ride we ate at El Charro in Iola which was really good.
Including little side trips we rode a total of 57 miles. For more info on the Prairie Spirit check out this great site.

Sunflower Santa Fe Trail – Kansas

After leaving the Meadowlark Trail we drove over to Galva, Kansas to check out the Sunflower Santa Fe Trail. This is another work-in-progress, a crushed limestone rail-to-trail that once completed will will travel a distance of 33 miles between the towns of Marion and McPherson connecting with the Meadowlark Trail. In Galva there is a one mile section that is complete. More info on this trail at