Bicycle Patches On Messenger Bag

Over time I’ve aquired a few bicycle related patches. For years I’ve proudly displayed them inside this tin.

After my recent purchase of messenger bags I decided to place some of the patches on the one made from a recycled U.S. postal bag. After some quick Googling I decided to use E6000 to adhere the patches to the bag. Note: the Errandonnee patch is from one of the previous years that I did complete the challenge.

After applying glue to the patches and placing them on the bag I applied weight while the glue cured.

I’ve only carried the bad a couple of times now but so far so good. I didn’t apply patches to the right third of the bag to leave “Domestic” visible. I’m undecided whether to cover up the Timbuk2 logo.

Speaking of bags… while I recently had all of our duct tape out to make myself a new wallet I beefed up a ziplock bag that I use to hold various things that I carry in my messenger bag. Even though the bags I wear have many pockets for these various things, keeping them in the ziplock bag makes it easy for me to switch between the different bags. Some of the various things in the ziplock bag are napkins. hand wipes, aspirin, contact lenses, knife, lighter, velcro straps, innertube rubber bands and a pen.

Here’s a shot of my old wallet of 6+ years and the new one.

DIY Headset Bearing Cup Remover


A foot long piece of 3/4 inch conduit with slits cut in to it and then fanned out.

Got the idea from RJ The Bike Guy.

A Beginner’s Guide To Bicycle Geocouching


What is Bicycle Geocouching?
“Finding a dumped, upholstered, couch, loveseat or chair while on a bike ride & photograph yourself sitting on the furniture with your bike also in the photo.”
All of my Geocouching finds can be viewed here.

Follow the simple steps below to make your first Bicycle Geocouch score…

Spot a dumped couch while on a bicycle ride.

Lean bicycle against couch.

Set self-timer on phone or camera. Lean phone/camera against an object like your water bottle or a found object. Push the shutter button on phone/camera.

Seat yourself on the couch and strike a pose.

That’s It!

Practice these simple steps in your living room so you’ll be well prepared while in the field.
With a lot of hard work and a little luck you too can become an awesome Bicycle Geocoucher.

As with any extreme sport, Bicycle Geocouching has it’s risks. Please be careful and enjoy.

Like the Bicycle Geocouching Facebook page where you can share your Geocouching finds.
Also check out the Bicycle Geocouching map with scores from all over the world. E-mail us or contact us through the FB page to have your find added to the map.

DIY Bearing Cup Press


A threaded rod with washers and nuts works as a bearing cup press.


It can also be used to narrow or widen the rear triangle of the bike.


LED Headlight Conversion

A friend was recently telling me about an LED bike headlight that worked great for converting an incandescent bullet style light.

I purchased this Sunlite brand headlight at my LBS. It contains the LEDs, circuit board and batteries all on the back of the lens. All of that just unscrews from the housing. I cut the wires at the switch.

I removed the old bulb holder/reflector from the bullet light and cut the wires. Put the new light in it”s place and put the retainer wire back in place to hold it in. Spliced the wires together and done. Pictured above is the new light in the bullet housing.

I thought it looked a little better with the original lens still in place so I left it.

New Uses For Old Bicycle Innertubes

Bet that title has been used a million times.

Here”s how I have found them useful…

Hold my phone belt clip to the handlebars and the phone to the clip.

Mount a mini flashlight to the handlebars to be used as a headlight.

To hold my spare tube kit together.


In case it”s not obvious, you cut the tube cross ways to make rubber bands.

I carry extra in my repair kit and back pack.