Be My VELOntine Ride

Sunday was our Valentine get-together and ride with the Coasters.


New Year’s Day

Our bike group’s annual new year’s day dinner and ride was cancelled due to our hosts being sick. Nova and I still wanted to get a ride in though even if only a few miles. We’ve been wanting to try kombucha and decided to make the grocery store our destination and purchase some. Once the temperature reached 1 degree we took off. The kombucha was frozen when we got it home.

Happy New Year everyone!

Holiday Weekend

Pretty cold over the holiday weekend.

Saturday we rode in the big city to a favorite Japanese restaurant for lunch and then to try a new beer. Returned home in the dark.

Checking the mail upon our return home I had received my patch for completing the 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge.

Sunday I went for a spin on the gravel as I was going stir crazy at home. After years and years of working and riding in the cold, I still haven’t got dressing for the cold figured out. I believe my biggest problem is that I sweat so easily even in freezing temps.

Monday we rode to my parents where we had taco bowls for our holiday dinner. Not visible is my basket filled with refried beans, guacamole, jalapenos and non dairy queso that we brought.

Was a good weekend.

Sprocket Snowmen

I made 2 new sprocket snowmen this year. One was gifted to a friend.

DIY Christmas/winter ornament/decoration.

Thanksgiving Morning Ride

Probably should have been preparing Thanksgiving dinner but the weather was so nice we decided to first go for a quick ride to the casino, pull a slot machine and return home. Got home just in time to get all the cooking done with no time to spare.

My Thanksgiving plate.

New Years Day Potluck Dinner And Ride

Our bike club’s annual New Year’s day get-together. We met at our host’s house where we ate and socialized before going on a short ride. Lots of great food. I made butternut squash soup.
Happy New Year!

Not our host’s house but a near-by university building.

Holiday Gift Guide For The Bike Enthusiasts In Your Life

Bring a smile to a loved ones face (or not) this holiday season by giving them the gift of LocoJoe cruising apparel. Many styles, colors and sizes to choose from at our store.

Beer Break shirt.

Beer Break cruising jersey.

The Riding Dead.

The Riding Dead cruising jersey.

Or you could get them a gift certificate from their local bike shop.

Gift Certificate to a Local Bike Shop.

Gift Certificate to a Local Bike Shop.


Yesterday we held our 2nd annual Cranksgiving ride and food drive. Small turn-out but we got a fair amount of food to donate and I believe all who participated had fun. We gave out a prize for the first to return with food from all the stops. Also held random drawings for prizes. Our threesome only made 4 of the 5 stops before running out of time. Hmmm I wonder why? lol






Today I rode to the store and converted a monetary donation in to food.

Hallowheelie 2016

Last night was our 10th annual Halloween pub pedal known as Hallowheelie. Such a fun and creative bunch.

Our friend Dan as the Phantom of the Opera with the pipe organ mounted on his bike.

Poster I put together for the event.