Bike Ride & Seek Over The Weekend

This weekend we did a couple of rides to get some things checked off our Bike Ride & Seek list.

Friday night was an 18 mile rural ride.

Nova getting a Weight Limit sign. She ended up using a different sign from our Saturday ride.

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Morning Rural Ride

I tried to beat the wind this morning but was unsuccessful. At some point during my ride it reached 25mph. Even as a crosswind it was a struggle. It would repeatedly blow me off my line and I would have to turn against the gravel to get straight again. While out I made a Geocouch find and also spotted another Chisholm Trail marker I”d previously missed. A few photos…

Cowskin creek.

In a cemetery looking out onto a field.

Under the flight path of the soon to be re-named Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport.

Exploring an old farm.

Exploring an old farm.

Gravel Grind Out – Pedal Pavement Back

Out for a ride in the country today. It was nice and easy going on the dirt roads out. It wasn’t until I turned to head home I realized how windy it was. I decided to take a paved road back to hopefully lessen my struggle. Riding a single speed fat-bike against 16mph wind, the little changes in elevation we have here are greatly exaggerated. Mole hills became mountains.

Break time.

Datsun(?) in storage.

Cats on a warm Chevy roof.

Decommissioned road.

While riding the decommissioned road I suddenly remembered traveling it by car with my parents when I was kid. I was marveling at how fast nature was reclaiming the old road but then remembered it’s been quite a while since I was a kid.

Hmmm does Microsoft follow tire naming trends or vice versa?

Chisholm Trail marker along another road.

Sunday Gravel Grinding

I don”t know the exact definition of the buzz term “Gravel Grinding” or if it applies to old people cruising around on dirt roads but, I”m going to use the term anyway because it”s hip. Today was a gorgeous day for a little Gravel Grinding. We rode the Heavy-Duti and the Beast, swapping bikes with one another half way through the ride. This was the farthest Nova had ever ridden the Beast and I believe she appreciated the fat tires when in the muck and even enjoyed riding it.

Depending on which direction we go we have to ride 2 to 3 miles of pavement before we reach the dirt/gravel.

Just a few places still pretty muddy from the recent snows.

Nova being chased by a friendly dog.

Our post gravel grinding meal. Black bean burgers and New Belgium Spring Blonde.

Clear Skies And Clearwater

Today was to be the last of the warmer days for a while so we wanted to take advantage and go for a ride even though we had other things that needed to be done. So we took off under beautiful clear skies to the near-by town of Clearwater. It was a beautiful day with the temperature near 60. A bit windy coming back but we zigzagged our way taking on the wind in 1 mile increments.

One dog gives chase while the other stays and stands guard.

We like spotting the old farm trucks.

Tire comparison.

Wet Kids, The Chisholm Trail, Buffalo And A Limping Dog

This morning I rode Southwest to the town of Clearwater and had brunch at the city park. 27 miles round trip.

They were setting up for some event at the park while I sat and ate Chex Mix and drank coffee that I purchased at the local C-store. The local Fire Dept hosing down the kids.

I stopped by there museum which was closed but there is some history to be learned outside the building. A mural states that Clearwater is the only town in Kansas that exists solely because of the Chisholm Trail.

Between here and there is a place that has a few buffalo.

On the way home I took a couple mile detour to snap a pic of the dog I posted about last night on our Facebook page. I just knew he”d be there, ready to give chase. Today I was on a faster bike.
From last night…

Riding in the country tonight as we approached a farm house a dog slowly hobbled his way down the drive towards the road. We shrugged him off since he had a limp and kept at our leisurely pace. Once we reached the drive the dog showed his teeth, let out a snarl and then came after us. We both pushed on the pedals and pulled on the bars giving it all we could to just stay out of his reach. He chased till he got bored then turned back towards home. After the high speed chase, Nova and I agreed he must have been faking the limp. Too busy trying to out run the dog to get a photo.

Casino And The River

Yesterday I took off South for the casino. I’m not a big gambler (really, I swear!) it just makes for a nice destination. A ride in the country that may include one or all of the following… food, beer, people watching, air conditioning. I vowed a couple of years ago when the casino first opened that we (I vowed for both of us) would only visit it by bike. With the exception of one time when we took relatives from out of town there, we’ve managed to stick to that vow.
On the way to the casino I decided to do another “gamble vicariously through me” contest on this blog’s companion Facebook Page (Like Us and you could win!).
The downside of riding to the casino is that I’m a stinky, sweaty mess when I arrive. I try to cool off, dry out and freshen up before entering and even take an extra shirt to change into. Hopefully the same air purification system they have to control cigarette smoke works for sweaty biker smell as well.
Before leaving the casino I had a bite to eat at the Asian restaurant there. Not a big menu. I asked them to make me something with no meat and I ended up with a big bowl of rice with tomato and cucumber on the side. I was hoping for different and more vegetables that were stir-fried but oh-well, it was light meal which was probably better since I was riding.
Leaving the casino I decided to ride farther South to the Ninnescah river before returning home. The ride ended up being 32 miles. Here is roughly what the route looked like. Several of the miles were on paved roads which I normally try and avoid. I don’t like the fast speed of the cars and the fast pace I feel I need to keep. I also can’t just stop in the middle of the road to play around when I feel like it.

Dirt Roads, Dusted Fields And Clearwater

Today I took off once again with no plan. I headed out Northwest in to the “country”. Come lunch time I started getting hungry so I rode to the town of Clearwater for a snack and then back home. It was a 31 mile ride.

Click the photos for descriptions.


GPS track.
Ride To Clearwater In A Round About Way at EveryTrail
EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking in Kansas

King Of (The Road) Beers

In a very unscientific study I”ve done while out riding rural roads I have determined that Budweiser (specifically Bud Light) is indeed the King Of Beers, at least around here amongst drinking and driving litterbugs.

It wasn”t until I was editing/cropping the above photo that I noticed this can was accompanied by a condom wrapper.

2 Rivers And The Shunflowers

This morning we trucked the bikes to the big city and rode the Arkansas River path for a total of 22 miles. The temperature wasn’t bad and it was overcast which made for a nice ride for this time of year.
Once back home and after lunch we were looking at the weather and the high today was only going to be 93 so we took off from the house and rode down to the Ninnescah river like we had done last weekend.
Once we reached the river I suggested we ride on to check out a field that I knew was somewhere a few miles further South where our state flower is being grown. We found the field full of sunflowers but they shunned us and refused to look our way. I didn’t want to ride the extra miles to get on their good side so we stared at the back of their heads while they all looked East. We then turned around and retraced our path back towards home.
93 sounded cool in comparison to 103 which we’ve had lately, but far from cool it was and the morning’s cloud cover was gone. It was miserably hot. The only shade on the ride was that which was cast from utility poles. I found myself trying to ride in the shadow of the wires. On the upside, the majority of the ride was on gravel which is cooler than asphalt. Last night’s rain kept the dust down but the humidity up. Once back in town we stopped at the c-store for cold water, Gatorade and an Icee. Our odometers showed 50 miles for the day.

Click or mouse over the photos for captions.

This morning’s ride…

This afternoon’s ride…