Cycle Cross Bike

Last night was Cycle Cross Night at our weekly Pub Pedal where you are to ride a bike meant for the opposite gender. This night was originally called Ladies Night and was started as an excuse for the guys to bring out the ladies bikes in their collections. The name was later changed to give the women an excuse to ride something different also and to include the option of cross dressing.

I built up this bike starting with the frame and rear wheel I got from the free pile at last weekend’s swap meet. Also from the swap were the handlebars, grips and stem which were given to me and the basket which I purchased. The rest of the parts I had. I attempted to paint the fenders and chainguard I had to match.

The girl’s bikes pictured below were ridden by men and the man’s bike was ridden by a woman who won the bike in a raffle at the swap meet last Sunday. Others participated but I didn’t get photos.

New Home For The Old Girl

Many years ago I was given this old Schwinn ballooner frame….

Nova never had any interest in it but I kept it around knowing some day I”d find it a home.

I would build it up once a year for me to ride on Ladies Night at the Pub Pedal…

You might recall I threw it together for her to ride at our Patriotic Pub Pedal this year…

The red wheels among other things on the bike were spoken for so I replaced them with parts I wasn”t using. I also swapped out the fork as the original fork tube had been cut (due to stuck stem) and welded and I wasn”t real confident in the welders work. I sent the bike home with her today like this…

You notice I kept the truss rods and feather chainguard.

I hate that I painted over that great patina though.

Once upon a time my Daughter and I together built her a bike but then she then moved out of the lower 48 and couldn”t take it with her so it was sold.
In the years since she”s moved back she hasn”t had a bike.

Daughters Birthday Bike 1990

Going through some photos that my parents had I Found and scanned this one of our Daughter on her 8th birthday. The bike we got her was a 24″ wheeled Giant 18 speed. As I look back now I realize I must have bought all her bikes too big. I don”t recall how much she rode it. I do remember giving it to a friends Daughter many years later. This was the last bike she had as a kid.
I now wish I still had the bike to pass down to the Grand-Daughter.

Ladies Night

Last night was Ladies night at the pub pedal where everyone is encouraged to ride a girls/ladies bike. More photos from the evening here.

I threw together this old girls Schwinn for the occasion. The seat post is stuck as low as it can go so this made for an uncomfortable ride.

My Next Project – Ally’s Next Bike – Part2

(Part 1 here) Cleaned up and assembled the bike today. I”ve got the original painted wheels but they are pretty rough and the hubs need rebuilt. Not in the mood for that so I put on an aluminum wheel set I had along with new tires. The seat is one that my friend Tim through in with the bike when I bought it. Went through all my chainguards and found one that worked with minimal hacking. I”ll re-paint it but still be on the look-out for something else.

The bike looks pretty good in the above photo but the paint is really pretty rough and the fenders dinged up.

My Next Project – Ally’s Next Bike

A while back a friend gave me a really good deal on this this 1952(?) 24″ Schwinn Spitfire (thanks Tim!). I thought I”d get it ready for the Grand-Daughter to ride who along with her Brothers will soon be returning from their Summer vacation in Alaska. I think I”ve got most everything I need minus a chainguard. The Grand-Daughter had been riding a 20″ Schwinn Hollywood. I don”t know that she”s quite ready for the bigger bike yet but it”ll be ready for her.

Schwinn Hollywood 20 Inch

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The Grand-Daughter’s 1962 Schwinn Hollywood.

Scooch’s Hollywood

I had gotten a 20″ Hollywood for the Grand-Daughter Ally in a trade at this year’s Midwest Bicycle Swap about a month ago. It had been in storage since then. This evening we retrieved it, put some air in the tires, oiled the chain, added some grips then took it for a test ride.

Today’s Swap Meet

Today was the 2nd annual Midwest Bicycle Swap. I sold or gave away every bike i brought. Above my Mother watches over our booth.

I only come home with one bike this 20″ Schwinn Hollywood for the Granddaughter. Made a swap for it.

The Grandsons working the food and drink table. That”s Bill from Accent Mobile Music in the background.

Thanks to my family for all their help. We had a great time.

Ladies Night Bike

I threw this girls Schwinn ballooner together for me to ride at our clubs upcoming “Ladies Night”. When I went to tear it down I encountered a couple of obstacles. First the seat post was stuck in a low position but I can live with that no more than I”ll be riding it. Second the stem”s wedge nut was stuck in the fork tube. I didn”t want to take the time or make the effort to get it out so I lopped off the fork tube and welded another one back on. The wheels, tires and grips are off the Chalkboard Bike and the seat, crank, sprocket, gooseneck and bars I had stashed away. The bike rides great with the big cushy tires and the 2 speed kickback. More photos here.

Here”s the flyer I made for the ride…