My Bike Building Buddy

10+ years ago Nova and I were riding along the bike path when we were stopped by a boy who asked if I”d like to buy an old cruiser frame he had. I declined, we chatted a little about bikes and then we parted ways. Sometime after that the boy come by our house with his old bike wanting to fix it up. From that point on Jason became my bike building buddy and a friend to both Nova and I. Jason and I spent many nights and weekends in our garage building all kinds of bikes including cruisers, low-riders, tall and swing bikes. It was obvious Jason had artistic talent and was a “good kid” as Nova and I always noted to one another. We both enjoyed his company.

After riding my tall bike Jason asked if we could build him one. His only additional request was that it be taller than mine 🙂

Here he is grinding down the welds on it.

I remember shortly after Jason left for home on his new tall bike I received a call from his mother “You trying to kill my son?” We all come to an agreement that Jason would always wear a helmet that I gave him when riding it. I won”t say whether he always stuck to our agreement or not. He rode the wheels off that tall bike.

Jason would often show up with presents he”d make for us in various art forms, painted, drawn or cut from metal.

Here is some painting on a chainguard he did for us.

I can”t recall how long our time together was but I”ll guess 2 years. Jason moved to another city and eventually out of state to peruse a career as an artist. Twice he has come by to visit us when back in town to see family. Each time, most recently just a couple of months ago, he has told me how much of an influence and role model I was to him and how our time in the garage and riding bikes likely kept him out of trouble during what can be vulnerable years. Wow! I had no idea and am so touched to know that.

Here you can view a gallery of Jason”s art and bikes from 10 years ago.

It is exciting to see the man and artist he has become.
Please take a moment to watch this video of Jason which was part of an artist swap between his town of Austin and New York City.

Biking With Friends

Today Nova and I rode our local rail-to-trail the Prairie Sunset with a few friends. It was overcast and sprinkling which was nice after the past few days of 100+ degree heat. We all chatted along the way and before we knew it we run out of trail.

Prairie Sunset With Mitch & Tim

This morning friends Mitch, Tim and myself rode our local rail-to-trail the Prairie Sunset. We got an early start so the temperature was tolerable. This was Tim”s first time riding a rail-to-trail and my first time riding it with someone other than family. It was a nice ride and I hope we do it again.

GPS track…

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Cinco De Mayo

We attended a party last night at a friends house. Here are a few crappy cell phone pics of just some of his many bikes.

Bike On Wood

I was at a friends house recently and this was hanging in his shop. I believe he said an Aunt made it for him when he was a kid. It looks like wood burning yet doesn”t appear to have imprinted the wood.

Christmas Gift

A friend of ours surprised me with this unique Christmas gift.
It’s an old photo which he added a caption to.
The caption is a quote from the MC at last years bike fest.
I received it at the Bikes For Tots parade but just now getting around to posting this.
Thanks again Mitch.

Girls Western Flyer

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Skip tooth Western Flyer Super. Tom gave us this one. After a few years we gave it back. Nova thought the bike was too heavy.

Tom’s Schwinn Find

Tom came across 2 Schwinns worth of old parts at a sale. I assembled one of them for him. Everything was there but the seat, post and clamp which I had. I believe it”s a 1964. They look as if they had been used in a factory (possibly aircraft) from the way they were painted and stenciled.