Not-So-Tall Bike Mount And Dismount

The most FAQ I get about the tall bike is about how I get on and off. Here’s a short video showing how.

This bike is barely 2 frames tall. My previous tall bike was slightly taller. I find this one to be a good height. Tall enough for the fun factor and to see over cars yet not so tall that I can’t easily bail if needed.

Freaks And Rats

Last Thursday was Freaks And Rats Night at our weekly pub pedal. My idea for this theme night was to get participants to ride freaky or ratty bikes. That of course leaves a lot up to interpretation. I rode the tall bike.

Interesting Bikes At Estate Sale

I rarely go to estate or garage sales and I can’t recall the last time I was at either. I just don’t go out and actively see bikes. Yesterday a friend alerted me to an estate sale that had bikes. I normally would have passed but he had mentioned a tall bike so today I decided to check it out just out of curiosity. Glad I did. Whomever’s estate this was, in addition to collecting bikes, also had some interesting home-made creations. I enjoyed looking them over. I left with only 2 handlebars from the dollar box and today was half price day.

The kustom bikes…



Chopped up frame among the parts.

Some of the other bikes.





The dollar box.

Tallbiker FAQ


As awesome as riding a tallbike is, for me it does have it’s downside which is the attention it draws. Drivers chase you around trying to get a photo or video, pedestrians want to stop you to ask questions, cyclists want to ride it.
It would be nice to just be able to ride in peace.

Tall Bike 2

I hadn’t really planned to build another tall bike but I had what was left of my Woody Night bike that I wanted to play around with. I also had the front half of a Schwinn cantilever frame. A tall bike seemed like the logical thing to build.
A 18 mile shakedown ride yesterday reminded me how enjoyable riding a tall bike is. The downside (for me) is the attention they get. On yesterday’s ride I had drivers taking photos (one even followed me around to get photo or video), many comments and one request to ride it.

This is actually my 3rd tall bike build. In addition to my first tall bike I also built one with our neighbor at the time. Both builds were well over 10 years ago and I had gotten rid of my first tall bike a few years ago.

About That Green Bike

Seems like anytime I post a photo to social media of a bike I’m working on that was taken in the garage, I’ll get this question… “What’s that green bike in the background?”. I put together a quick video to explain it.

Blake On Bronco Bike

Last night the Grand-kids stopped by after school. We played around on bikes for a bit.

New Bike Shirt

“Animal” designs and sells shirts to commemorate the Chopper Nite rides in West Palm Beach, Florida. I bought this left over from him.

He even did a drawing on the shipping envelope it came in.

Tall Bike Test Ride

Just came across and uploaded some old photos of Nova, myself and 2 friends Dan & Tom test riding the tall bike we built back in 2003.