Bicycle Bar Tour And Cajun Food Dinner

Saturday we attended this annual event that is hosted by our friends. We ride to lunch and a few beverage stops before returning to our host’s home for a Cajun dinner. Despite the rain it was a great time as always.

New Years Day Potluck Dinner And Ride

Our bike club’s annual New Year’s day get-together. We met at our host’s house where we ate and socialized before going on a short ride. Lots of great food. I made butternut squash soup.
Happy New Year!

Not our host’s house but a near-by university building.

Food, Beverages And A Kia In The Arkansas

After a miserable week of holding up in the house fighting a cold I finally got out yesterday.

p1130564We rode in to the city for lunch and beverages.

img_4364Veggie pizza for Nova and veggie sandwich for me. Each of us tried new beers. Nova had ordered a Magic Hat hefeweizen but was served a Magic Hat #9 (not quite pale ale) instead. She thought it was ok. For me it was a Ballast Point, Victory at Sea (coffee, vanilla imperial stout) which both the ABV and IBUs were too much for my taste. Ballast Point’s Calm Before The Storm is a favorite of mine though.

p1130568On the ride back home we spotted this car in the river at nealry the same spot the above photo was taken earlier in the day. Upon our return home I checked local news sites to find no one was seriously injured in the accident.

Pedaler’s Jamboree 2016

Memorial weekend we attended our 4th Pedaler’s Jamboree which is a bike ride and party on the Katy Trail between Columbia and Boonville, Missouri. This year our Nephew joined us on the first day.


Bicycle Bar Tour 2015

Friends of ours host an annual Bicycle Bar Tour and Cajun Fest which was yesterday. We meet at out hosts house and ride to get lunch. After lunch we ride to several bars before returning to our hosts house for a Cajun dinner they prepare. This year was the 21st annual although we”ve only participate the last few years. It”s a nice mix of great people, some of the regular bike bunch and others that probably haven”t ridden a bike since last year”s bar tour. It”s always a fun time and good food.

Some of the ladies at our lunch stop.We spotted this cowboy as we rode by the art museum.Dinner is served.In addition to this great food there is also jambalaya, red beans & rice, corn bread and more.

Feliz Cinco De Mayo

Out for a spin in the country today on this Cinco De Mayo.
Followed up my ride with a black bean, rice and avocado tacos on home-made tortillas.

Valentine’s Day Dinner & Ride

Group photo outside the house we toured.

Yesterday some of our bike group got together for a Valentine”s Day Dinner & Ride. We had a pot-luck dinner at a members house and then rode to a 1920s house for a tour. This house was beautifully restored and furnished with so many antiques it was amazing. A couple in our club have a beautifully restored 20s house themselves and are real good about getting us into other houses like this one to tour.

Making use of one of the big city

We also stopped at this Frank Lloyd Wright designed house. We only peeked through the windows but someday we

On the tandem our tour guides.

We also made a stop at this estate sale in another beautiful but run down old house

Chinese For Early Dad Day

Our Daughter and I made plans to get together for lunch today. In recognition of Fathers Day I suppose as we won”t see each other Sunday. We decided I would pick up Chinese and we we would meet at a park to eat.

At one time I had a basket on this bike and today I wish I still did. The tension of the bungee cords deformed the packaging and you can see where all the sauce from her Chicken with Mixed Vegetables and my Mixed Vegetables has leaked out in to the plastic bag.

Her cargo.

It was a beautiful day. Our lunch was good and we had good conversation.

My card.

Bikes And Beans

My bike along a field of soy beans.

Last January we made a change to our way of eating and now try to eat a “plant based, whole food” diet which means we attempt to avoid animal products and processed foods when we eat. I took on cooking duty at that time as it only made sense, since I have the time to do it. So far I em enjoying it. At home we do really well at sticking with our plan but eating out is a little more difficult. We know that dairy, cheese and lard sometimes sneak their way into our meals when eating out even when special ordering but we don”t let that bother us too much. It”s funny, when people hear about or witness our diet they automatically assume we do this for the animals benefit and that we are now vegan, tree hugging hippies (not that there”s anything wrong with that). We changed our diet for our health not the animals. We still sit on leather in our home, car and bikes and Nova would probably wear fur if I could afford to buy it for her. I really didn”t start thinking about the animals side of the relationship until after we made the change and I suppose that maybe one less animal is killed or not tortured is a nice side benefit.

So anyway we now eat a lot of beans of various kinds and soy beans (pictured above) is one of the more versatile. What does this have to do with bikes? Well since the change of diet we”ve both lost weight (me the most because I had plenty to lose). I feel better over all and that combined has made bike riding more enjoyable. I seem to have a little more oomph and my knees hurt less since I”m not carrying around as much weight.

When I take off from home for a ride in the “country” I am immediately surrounded by agriculture. Wheat, soybean and corn. although I believe most of the corn is for animal feed. A quick search and some statistics rank my state (Kansas) first in the U.S. for wheat production and a bit farther down the list 9 – 11 for soybeans.