Open Streets ICT

The big city held it’s first Open Streets event yesterday. 4 miles of the city’s east/west main street was closed to motor vehicle traffic. We met up with friends from our bike club at our usual meeting place which was at one end. From there we rode to the other end and back with stops along the way for food and beverage. I rode the some what tall bike which everyone seemed to enjoy. I even made special stops to demonstrate how I get on and off whenever someone would ask.

Pedaler’s Jamboree Iowa

This year was the second for the Pedaler’s Jamboree in Iowa and our first. This year it took place on the Wabash Trace Nature Trail between the towns of Mineola and Shenandoah. The ride is a little longer and more elevation change than the Katy. As always we opted to stay at a motel in town vs camping. Not quite the participation and party as Missouri but still a great time.
We’ve ridden this trail once before back in 2007.



Pedaler’s Jamboree 2016

Memorial weekend we attended our 4th Pedaler’s Jamboree which is a bike ride and party on the Katy Trail between Columbia and Boonville, Missouri. This year our Nephew joined us on the first day.


Riding With The Mayor

Last night in celebration of bike month our town and it’s bicycle advisory group that I’m on, hosted a short ride with the Mayor and gave away a bike and prizes afterward. A pretty good turn-out for this 2nd year event.

Meet-up location.

Some of the attendees at the meet-up location.

On the newest section of path in town.

On the newest section of path in town.

The Mayor and the winner of the bike.

The Mayor and the winner of the bike.

The bike and prize winners.

The bike and prize winners.

Be My VELOntine Ride

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Yesterday we attended our club”s first Be My VELOntine ride. We met up at for food and drink and deposited valentines and candy into decorated boxes we had attached to our bikes. We then rode to another bar where we emptied the contents of our boxes to see what we had gotten. It was a really fun time and everyone seemed to enjoy it.


Last Sunday Nova, myself and our Daughter hosted our city”s first Cranksgivng. If you”re not familiar, Cranksgiving is basically a bike ride and canned food drive. Each participant received a manifest which had a list of stores from where to purchase a non-perishable food item. You then ride at your own pace and route to hit as many of the stores on the manifest as can or care to and return by a set time. There wasn”t a big turnout probably due to being a first time event and being a little chilly and real windy. Everything went well other than one of the stores was closed for some odd reason. I think everyone enjoyed it and we”ll probably do it again next year. 15 of us participated and gathered over 60 food items which were donated to a local food bank. We provided a few prizes, and cookies after the ride and then went to a near-by brewery to celebrate our accomplishments. Hard to believe but I only took 1 photo all day and that was a Geocouch score. Here are a few photos that friends took.

Toys For Tots Ride

This past Sunday we once again attended the annual Toys For Tots ride. A few photos of just some of our friends that also rode.

Buddy’s Cycle Fest 2015

Over this past weekend we took a road trip to Pleasant Hill, Missouri to attend Buddy”s Cycle Fest which is a show & swap. Following the show and swap we all rode a nice gravel trail a couple miles out of town to the city lake and back. Upon our return we were treated to a bbq. We both had a good time and found Pleasant Hill to be a nice little town. We learned that the town is at one end of Missouri”s new Rock Island trail which is currently under development.

Video on the ride…

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Patriotic Pub Pedal

Last night we participated in the annual Patriotic Pub Pedal. A great time as always with this bunch. A few of the photos I took…

Our Daughter and her boyfriend joined us. Continue reading “Patriotic Pub Pedal”

Rollin On Twenties

Last night I participated in our groups 20 Inch Night where you are encouraged to ride a bike with 20″ wheels or smaller. This gives those with muscle bikes, old school BMX or lowriders in their collections a reason to get them out and ride them. Some even build custom bikes which is what I did this year.

This is what I came up with.

Based on a BMX frame but made taller to stretch my legs out.

Below are a few of the photos I took of the evening. Many more photos here.

At our usual meet-up place.

Dale on his little bike.

In front of pub 2.

Friend Tim on my bike.

Steve and Dan playing with the wheelie bar.

The young fellow recieving kuddos for riding to the top of the 7 story parking garage.

A staged crash.