Chopped Murray

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This is a Murray cruiser frame that I’ve chopped a little.
I cut out the top tube and seat tube. I then used the top tube as the seat tube and positioned it farther back than the original. I replaced the top tube with Conduit I bent with a higher arc. I originally built this bike in 2006. I decided to give it a make-over and to try a faux patina finish on it using what paints I had on hand. Also changed out the bars, seat, sprocket and pedals, fenders. It’s been through several re-incarnations.

Changes To #14

I made a couple of changes to the #14 Huffy Byke. Before pic here .

I swapped out the aluminum 24″ wheels (24×3 tires) for red 26″ wheels (26×2.125 tires). Also painted and did a LED conversion to the headlight to match the bike.

Blakes 24″ Western Flyer

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Middleweight Western Flyer for one of my Grand-Sons. Removed fenders, new wheel set, balloon tires and a few kustom touches.

American Rat Rod v2

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Two years ago I hurriedly built up this Schwinn American for our Patriotic Ride but wasn’t real pleased with it. A couple days ago I went and got the frame out of storage to hurriedly build it up again for this year’s Patriotic ride. I repainted the frame in a darker, flat blue. Put on different bars that I painted off white. Reupholstered some leopard grips with red material. Put on a different seat and made the tank plate. To quote myself from last time “I’d like to have done more but ran out of time. Maybe next year.”

Western Flyer Buzz Bike

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Kustom Western Flyer Buzz Bike Eliminator.

Company’s Coming – Part 2

I decided just to leave the bike in primer for that Hot Rod look. Couldn’t decide on a color anyway. When assembling it this time I noticed the rear end of the frame is pretty tweaked. Glad I didn’t put any more effort into it. It’ll ride fine though. Put on a smaller sprocket, Schwinn head badge and speedometer. Apes with leopard grips off of another of my bikes.

Rat Rod

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Schwinn Rat Rod I threw together.

Update On Bike Of Frankenstein

Working on the Bike Of Frankenstein to get it ready for the upcoming Art Of The Bicycle show. Some of the additions and changes I have made are a leather chain guard, chain kick stand, painting some of the chrome and a bell from the bell of and old telephone.

American Rat Rod

Today I decided I wanted something different from last year to ride on the Patriotic Pub Pedal tomorrow. I got home tonight at 5:30 and started with this Schwinn American frame I had stashed in the attic…

I wiped the frame down, sanded off stickers, primered it, painted it and put on the wheels off my black rat rod along with some other parts I had, took a 20 minute break for supper and at 8:30 I ended up with this…

I’d like to have done more but ran out of time. Maybe next year.

My Latest Bike

Just bought this from a friend. I’d recently taken a liking to this frame style and had been looking for one. Don’t know the maker, year or what I’ll do with it.

Edit: I’ve since been told this is probably a early 30s Iver Johnson or Elgin.