Bike When You Like

Instead of on a bike, I chose to spend yesterday in the yard

I thought about participating in the 30 Days Of Biking for the first time. Now that I”m not working it ought to be pretty easy. I could have taped a “remember to ride” note to the vanity mirror in the bathroom so at night when I go to brush my teeth before bed I”d be reminded to do a quick ride around the block if I hadn”t already ridden that day. After thinking it over I decided against it. I don”t like to be obligated to do something. I”m more of a “Bike When You Like” kinda guy (I”m claiming dibs on that just in case it takes off. Doing a Google search nothing came up 🙂 ). Besides I”ve never been one to turn down take up a challenge. Instead of forcing myself to ride every day of April I”ll continue to bike when I like, not when someone else likes me to. On the 1st day of April I liked the idea of doing a group ride with friends so I did. On the 2nd day of April I liked the idea of working in the yard instead of riding so I did. On this morning of the 3rd day of April I knew I”d like to ride in the cool, overcast weather so I did.

Hats (or helmets) off to those who have the discipline and make sacrifices to ride their bikes for 30 days in a row. Sacrifice, discipline, obligation are things I”ve never been good at and would just as soon totally eliminate from my life.

Parked at home after this morning”s ride.

Bike When You Like is my motto. Next month is “Bike Month”. Will I participate in any Bike Month events? If I feel like it.

1964 BMX?

Ethan showed up wearing a new shirt this morning. I have a couple issues with it though. In 1964 kids might have been altering there Stingrays and mimicking the riding of Motocross but I doubt it had been labeled BMX yet. This sport would have been in it”s infancy at most and I don”t believe there would have been any sanctioned events or any All Stars. Also the bikes on the shirt appear to have rear pegs.

Otherwise cool shirt.

New Bike Shirt

“Animal” designs and sells shirts to commemorate the Chopper Nite rides in West Palm Beach, Florida. I bought this left over from him.

He even did a drawing on the shipping envelope it came in.

Fashion Friday

On this edition of Fashion Friday

Target never disappoints. I always find a bike shirt of some kind. Last night I spotted these this past week.

Ladies night shirt.

Boys shirt.

They also use bicycles a lot in their advertising. I believe this is a new sign. Don’t know that the girls are riding the proper bikes for the terrain though.

Vacation Shopping

We needed to send a thank you note to family and Nova found this card at the Laramie post office.

Bought this shirt at a Walmart in Summit county Colorado. It lists a couple of the trails we”ve ridden there like Boreas Pass and the Flume Loop.

Spotted this shirt at Target

Bicycle helmet at Target.

Fashion Friday

On this edition of Fashion Friday

Cycle Chic[ks]

I passed on this shirt but did buy these for 2 of my cycling sweethearts. Both shirts found at Target.

Fashion Friday

On this edition of Fashion Friday

Beach Cruiser Tours… On a 10 speed.
Spotted this young girls shirt at Target this week.

Happy Fashion Friday!

Triple Rush

Edit 04-25-2011: From what I have read this show has already been cancelled only after 2 or 3 episodes.

Just finished watching the first episode of the new series Triple Rush on the Travel Channel. This is a reality show about bicycle messengers in NYC. I knew better than to get my hopes up. It’s basically Deadliest Catch on 2 wheels. I really can’t stand these reality shows. I’d rather see a documentary with out all the built up drama. “Tension rises as… tempers flare as… deadlines near as… pressure mounts…”