Colorful Rat

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The frame is a Western Flyer. The chainguard off of a different Western Flyer. The fork a Schwinn. Fenders and rear rack off of I don’t know what. The rear hub a bendix automatic 2 speed “kickback”. Rusty handlebars and the gooseneck has a $5 sticker on it.

Schwinn For Glen

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After my Daughter recently took home a bike her boyfriend expressed interest in one and of course I was more than happy to throw something together for him too.
I started with this frame which was from a late model Schwinn that I got through a productivity rewards program at my former employer several years ago. I had used most of the parts on other projects.

The paint had been damaged in shipping so I crudely removed most of the finish and the decals and shot it with primer to give it a rat-rod look. I scrounged up some new and old parts that I had on hand built it up.

Chopped Murray

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This is a Murray cruiser frame that I’ve chopped a little.
I cut out the top tube and seat tube. I then used the top tube as the seat tube and positioned it farther back than the original. I replaced the top tube with Conduit I bent with a higher arc. I originally built this bike in 2006. I decided to give it a make-over and to try a faux patina finish on it using what paints I had on hand. Also changed out the bars, seat, sprocket and pedals, fenders. It’s been through several re-incarnations.

Changes To #14

I made a couple of changes to the #14 Huffy Byke. Before pic here .

I swapped out the aluminum 24″ wheels (24×3 tires) for red 26″ wheels (26×2.125 tires). Also painted and did a LED conversion to the headlight to match the bike.

Blakes 24″ Western Flyer

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Middleweight Western Flyer for one of my Grand-Sons. Removed fenders, new wheel set, balloon tires and a few kustom touches.

Ethan’s RatRod Roadmaster

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24″ Roadmaster Grandson Ethan and I built for him.

American Rat Rod v2

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Two years ago I hurriedly built up this Schwinn American for our Patriotic Ride but wasn’t real pleased with it. A couple days ago I went and got the frame out of storage to hurriedly build it up again for this year’s Patriotic ride. I repainted the frame in a darker, flat blue. Put on different bars that I painted off white. Reupholstered some leopard grips with red material. Put on a different seat and made the tank plate. To quote myself from last time “I’d like to have done more but ran out of time. Maybe next year.”

Local Cruiser

I see an older gentleman riding this nice middleweight cruiser around town quite a bit. Finally spotted it stopped and snapped this crappy cell phone pic.

Christmas Cruiser

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Different versions of my “Christmas Cruiser” that I build up each year for our Christmas Lights Cruise.