Cycle Cross Bike

Last night was Cycle Cross Night at our weekly Pub Pedal where you are to ride a bike meant for the opposite gender. This night was originally called Ladies Night and was started as an excuse for the guys to bring out the ladies bikes in their collections. The name was later changed to give the women an excuse to ride something different also and to include the option of cross dressing.

I built up this bike starting with the frame and rear wheel I got from the free pile at last weekend’s swap meet. Also from the swap were the handlebars, grips and stem which were given to me and the basket which I purchased. The rest of the parts I had. I attempted to paint the fenders and chainguard I had to match.

The girl’s bikes pictured below were ridden by men and the man’s bike was ridden by a woman who won the bike in a raffle at the swap meet last Sunday. Others participated but I didn’t get photos.

Suit Night At The Pub Pedal

Last night was Suit Night at the weekly Pub Pedal. Suits and ties, pant suits, rain suits and a hazmat suit. What a fun and handsome bunch.

Be My VELOntine Ride

Sunday was our Valentine get-together and ride with the Coasters.


Open Streets ICT

The big city held it’s first Open Streets event yesterday. 4 miles of the city’s east/west main street was closed to motor vehicle traffic. We met up with friends from our bike club at our usual meeting place which was at one end. From there we rode to the other end and back with stops along the way for food and beverage. I rode the some what tall bike which everyone seemed to enjoy. I even made special stops to demonstrate how I get on and off whenever someone would ask.

Freaks And Rats

Last Thursday was Freaks And Rats Night at our weekly pub pedal. My idea for this theme night was to get participants to ride freaky or ratty bikes. That of course leaves a lot up to interpretation. I rode the tall bike.

New Years Day Potluck Dinner And Ride

Our bike club’s annual New Year’s day get-together. We met at our host’s house where we ate and socialized before going on a short ride. Lots of great food. I made butternut squash soup.
Happy New Year!

Not our host’s house but a near-by university building.

Hallowheelie 2016

Last night was our 10th annual Halloween pub pedal known as Hallowheelie. Such a fun and creative bunch.

Our friend Dan as the Phantom of the Opera with the pipe organ mounted on his bike.

Poster I put together for the event.

Tank Bike Night

Last night was Tank Bike Night at our Thursday Night Pub Pedal. A good turn-out of cool old factory tank bikes plus some great custom tanks. You can probably guess which one was mine.

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Poster I made for the event.

Woody Night

Last night was Woody Night at the Thursday Night Pub Pedal where the idea was to incorporate wood in to your bike. There was some really nice craftsmanship but I of course went the cheezy route with the 2×4.