Bicycle Bar Tour And Cajun Food Dinner

Saturday we attended this annual event that is hosted by our friends. We ride to lunch and a few beverage stops before returning to our host’s home for a Cajun dinner. Despite the rain it was a great time as always.

Pedaler’s Jamboree 2017

Memorial weekend we attended our 5th Pedaler’s Jamboree in Missouri. The Pedaler’s Jamboree is a 2 day ride on the KATY trail with music, food and beer stops along the way. As always we had a great time. It was nice seeing old friends and making new. We really appreciate the people that watch our videos and approach us on the ride.

I’ll let the video and photos tell the rest of the story.

Biking For A Bavarian Dunkel

Leinenkugel’s Bavarian Dunkel

Rode to a favorite Japanese restaurant for lunch and then to Harry’s Uptown where we had our first ever Bavarian Dunkel. This one from Leinenkugel’s…

Leinenkugel’s winter seasonal, Bavarian Style Dunkel, is a medium bodied dark lager brewed with notes of cocoa, toasted malt and mild winter spices that blend perfectly with a hint of berries. Its rich taste and clean finish make it a great addition to a winter’s day spent cozying up by a fire.

Would we drink it again? Yes.

Note: Harry’s doesn’t appear to have beer on tap, only cans and bottles.

Food, Beverages And A Kia In The Arkansas

After a miserable week of holding up in the house fighting a cold I finally got out yesterday.

p1130564We rode in to the city for lunch and beverages.

img_4364Veggie pizza for Nova and veggie sandwich for me. Each of us tried new beers. Nova had ordered a Magic Hat hefeweizen but was served a Magic Hat #9 (not quite pale ale) instead. She thought it was ok. For me it was a Ballast Point, Victory at Sea (coffee, vanilla imperial stout) which both the ABV and IBUs were too much for my taste. Ballast Point’s Calm Before The Storm is a favorite of mine though.

p1130568On the ride back home we spotted this car in the river at nealry the same spot the above photo was taken earlier in the day. Upon our return home I checked local news sites to find no one was seriously injured in the accident.

Bicycles At The Ballfield And Craft Beer

Yesterday we attended the Bicycles At The Ballfield show and swap in the near-by town of Augusta, KS. I believe this was the 3rd year for the event but our first time attending. We didn’t have anything to show or swap so we just checked out all the cool bikes, bought a painting and chatted with friends. Later in the day while riding in the big city we bumped in to some bike riding friends and had beverages at a couple of the city’s newest breweries.

Virginia Creeper – Day 2

Day 2 on the Virginia Creeper. We rode from Abingdon to Damascus and back for a total of 31 miles. After the beautiful scenery of the first day on the trail up to Whitetop, we thought this half of the trail wouldn’t compare but we weren’t disappointed.
At Damascus our turn around point, we ate really good veggie burritos at Hey Joe’s and then went back to the Damascus Old Mill for a local beer before turning back to Abingdon.



Virginia Creeper – Day 1

The 2nd trail of our Fall trip was on the Virginia Creeper a Rails To Trails Conservancy hall-of-fame rail-to-trail. We drove from Abingdon where we were staying to Damascus which is about midpoint on the trail. From Damascus we rode up to Whitetop and on to the North Carolina border and then back to Damascus for a total of 38 miles.
Bike rental companies that shuttle people and bikes from Damascus to Whitetop where riders can coast nearly the entire way back to Damascus is big business here. This half of the trail was really busy on a weekday. I can’t imagine riding it on a weekend. Going up you have to really watch for the groups of people coasting down and taking up the entire trail. Once we reached Whitetop we were tempted to see if a shuttle would take us down so we wouldn’t have to ride in all the chaos but it turned out not to be as bad as we anticipated. I recommend riding up if you’re able. The slower pace let’s you take in more of the great scenery.

On the night of our arrival in Abingdon we ate at 128 Pecan. After day 1 of riding back in Abingdon we had a beer at The Tavern (established 1779) and then dinner at the Peppermill. All good places.



Pedaler’s Jamboree Iowa

This year was the second for the Pedaler’s Jamboree in Iowa and our first. This year it took place on the Wabash Trace Nature Trail between the towns of Mineola and Shenandoah. The ride is a little longer and more elevation change than the Katy. As always we opted to stay at a motel in town vs camping. Not quite the participation and party as Missouri but still a great time.
We’ve ridden this trail once before back in 2007.



Pedaler’s Jamboree 2016

Memorial weekend we attended our 4th Pedaler’s Jamboree which is a bike ride and party on the Katy Trail between Columbia and Boonville, Missouri. This year our Nephew joined us on the first day.


Beer Line Trail – Wisconsin

I just noticed I hadn’t posted anything about Milwaukee’s Beer line Trail which we stopped to ride as we passed through Wisconsin on our Fall vacation. It’s a couple of miles of paved trail on a former railroad that delivered to breweries in the area. We also rode around area neighborhoods while there. Definitely not a destination trail as it is so short and not a lot to see but it was a good excuse to take a break from driving and check out some of the city.