Foam Bicycle Art

Just wanted to share the awesome bike art that our friend Everett makes out of foam.

Schwinn DX I believe.

Elgin Bluebird.

Everett’s process for making them…
“I trace image from a projector and cut by hand using a small saw blade. Sand and paint using acrylic paint. It is very time consuming. I treat it as if I was working a puzzle and find a piece or two when I have time.”

Jason’s Bike Drawings

Drawings by our ex-neighbor Jason when he was a young teen many years ago. The last 5 were done in MS Paint. Check out Jason’s art now at his website or follow him on instagram @jasoneatherly

ICT Wicked Brew Tour

This morning Nova, myself and 3 others participated in the ICT Wicked Brew Tour. This was basically 4 places to ride to and stop for coffee and having a card punched to get a free coffee at the last stop. We only made 3 of the stops as the 4th wasn”t open till Noon and we all had other places we had to be by then. Nova and I shared a Mocha with soy milk at each stop so we wouldn”t get over caffeinated. All 3 were very good. As a bonus our last stop had bicycle art on display for bike month.

What”s interesting about this next photo that hung on the wall at Reverie Coffee Roasters for sale by photographer David Quick is that I took a photo of the same bike several years ago. The “river bike” as I refer to it, wouldn”t have remained where it was (a busy intersection) for more than a couple of days before it was removed. How ironic!
On the left photographer David Quick”s photo, on the right my cell phone pic.

Bike Part Art

Amazing art made from a variety of recycled stuff. Of course the bike parts caught my attention. Check out more of this cool stuff here.

Eureka Jr. robot skater Columbia dragster

schwinn FISH old skool dragster

Roadmaster Jr steer skull

microphone ray gun Fleet Wing Bicycle tank fish

long horn lunchbox head JC Higgins bicycle tank fish

Al’s Bicycles

The photograph of Al’s bicycles above my desk was taken by our friend, photographer and fellow bike enthusiast Erick. Also on the wall are a few bicycle event posters.

More of Erick’s Bicycle Culture photography can be seen here.