About Us

We’re located in Kansas. We’ve been riding bikes off and on since the 1980s. Prior to being married some of our first dates were bike rides. Nova borrowed an old Raleigh road bike from her sister so we could ride together. We started out riding road bikes then in the early 90s switched to riding mountain bikes. Early 2000s we started riding, building and collecting custom and antique bikes. At any given time we have around 30 20 ride-able bikes and we are part of a local custom and classic bike club. I would classify us as casual, fair-weather riders. In 1999 we rode our first rail-to-trail. A few years ago we set a goal to ride at least one trail in all 50 states. You can see our progress here.

The trails: We ride a variety of different trails and paths around the country including single track, rails-to-trails, paved paths and beach boardwalks.
Transporting the bikes: We’ve hauled the bikes in racks on top of cars and in the back of trucks. Currently we haul them in a truck using either our custom bed rack or a receiver hitch rack.
Lodging: When traveling we stay at motels/hotels in cities near our rides.
The Bikes: On rail-to-trail trips we each ride Specialized Rockhopper mountain bikes or more recently I’m riding a Specialized Crossroads hybrid. Beaches and other places we generally ride a single speed cruiser.