RIding Tall And Switching Things Up

A couple new videos…

I’m sure I’ve said it before, I love riding the tall bike but don’t like the attention it draws and that keeps me from riding it as much as I’d like. A weekday on back roads and few even gave me a second look.

Switching things up. This is how I spend a lot of time in the garage.

Weekend Riding

Saturday we rode around with a stop for lunch with our Grandson Blake.

Riding Grandma’s MTB.

We stopped here to skip a few stones on the river.

Blake’s first Geocouch score.

Sunday Nova and I were out and about for a beverage.

On the Gypsum Creek path.

Wichita Brewing Company. Not the easiest bike rack to use with our heavy bikes but the coolest.

I had a Ber-lemon-er weisse which is slightly sour and good. Nova had a wheat.

Spotted at Walmart.

This Year’s Patriotic Pub Pedal Bike

I pieced this together for our annual Patriotic Pub Pedal.

Put together from parts and pieces I had. The frame is a cantilever Schwinn that I got for free at this year’s swap meet.

If I recall correctly I won the bell from Electra.

Deere Flats

Flat tire while out yesterday. Even with an extra tube and plenty of patches, I still ended up walking 3 miles home.

Not sure what happened but I think the tire, tube and rim strip slipped on the rim and that ripped the rim strip and the tube on a spoke nipple. It happened right when I took off from being stopped. The 2nd tube I installed got a cut at the valve stem after about a mile. May have something to do with tire being underinflated is all I can think of.

I wasted a lot of time and patches trying to get either of the tubes to hold air before admitting defeat.

20 Inch Night

Thursday I attended our annual 20 Inch Night at the pub pedal. This was an unscheduled rain date as we had severe weather on the original date. Still a pretty good turn-out. I rode the 20 inch wheeled fatbike that I recently modified.

The bar owner at our usual meet-up spot led us on a ride through the bar on our little bikes.

A few of the many small wheeled bikes.

Yard Bike Gallery

A collection of photos of “yard bikes” I’ve spotted.

Bicycle Bar Tour And Cajun Food Dinner

Saturday we attended this annual event that is hosted by our friends. We ride to lunch and a few beverage stops before returning to our host’s home for a Cajun dinner. Despite the rain it was a great time as always.