2016 In Review

Contributing to the bike community…

No Midwest Bicycle Fest in 2016. After 11 years of putting on the event I called it quits. We did put on Cranksgiving for the 2nd year along with a couple of group rides and several Pub Pedal theme nights. I’m still serving on my city’s bike and pedestrian board.

Social media…

I began posting more regularly on Instagram (@locojoe). All bike related but I try to keep it a little different than what I post here and our Facebook page.

Out breaking in my #NewShoes #schwinn #everydaycycling #springstep

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New bikes…

3 new bikes this year if I recall correctly. The klunkerish bikes I built up for Nova and myself and the tall bike. I think I got rid of an equal amount.

Some of our 2016 highlights…

Explored a few abandoned places by bike.

We attended 2 Pedaler’s Jamborees this year in Missouri and Iowa. Our Nephew joined us in Missouri. Photos and info here.

Grandkids Summer visit. We of course rode bikes, just not nearly as much as I wish we’d have.

Our fall vacation took us to Mississippi, Virginia and Tennessee for rides. Check out our rides here.


Drew a few cheezy cartoons.
Started doing the Coffee Outside thing.
Many more Geocouch scores.
Attended Bikes At The Ballfield, Buddy’s Pedal Fest in Missouri, our local swap meet and our friend’s annual Bicycle Bar Tour and Cajun Food Fest which is always a blast.
In June my daily ride streak ended at 524 days. I started another streak a week later but it only lasted 118 days.

Missing this year were rides with my parents. Various reasons made it difficult for us to ride together. Dad did ride with us when the Grandkids were here and Mom did get in a little riding on her own.

No definite plans for 2017 but I imagine it will be a lot like 2016 with our vacation at a different location.

New Years Day Potluck Dinner And Ride

Our bike club’s annual New Year’s day get-together. We met at our host’s house where we ate and socialized before going on a short ride. Lots of great food. I made butternut squash soup.
Happy New Year!

Not our host’s house but a near-by university building.

Biking For A Bavarian Dunkel

Leinenkugel’s Bavarian Dunkel

Rode to a favorite Japanese restaurant for lunch and then to Harry’s Uptown where we had our first ever Bavarian Dunkel. This one from Leinenkugel’s…

Leinenkugel’s winter seasonal, Bavarian Style Dunkel, is a medium bodied dark lager brewed with notes of cocoa, toasted malt and mild winter spices that blend perfectly with a hint of berries. Its rich taste and clean finish make it a great addition to a winter’s day spent cozying up by a fire.

Would we drink it again? Yes.

Note: Harry’s doesn’t appear to have beer on tap, only cans and bottles.

Jason’s Bike Drawings

Drawings by our ex-neighbor Jason when he was a young teen many years ago. The last 5 were done in MS Paint. Check out Jason’s art now at his website or follow him on instagram @jasoneatherly

Exploring Abandoned Buildings On My Ride

While out recently I stopped to explore an abandoned property and it’s buildings.

Close Call

I rode to and on the trails at the river yesterday.

What you can’t tell by the above photo is that’s a 10 foot or so drop down to the water. Was no easy task getting my bike back up. Fortunately I wasn’t on the bike when it took the fall, just a bad choice of parking location. Also fortunately when the bike finished tumbling down it came to rest just touching the water and not in it. 25 degrees out I’m glad I didn’t have to wade into the river.

So much green for being December.

In A Minute – Cold Windy Ride

Still struggling with a cold but couldn’t sit inside any longer and braved the 30 degree temp and 18mph wind.

Holiday Gift Guide For The Bike Enthusiasts In Your Life

Bring a smile to a loved ones face (or not) this holiday season by giving them the gift of LocoJoe cruising apparel. Many styles, colors and sizes to choose from at our store.

Beer Break shirt.

Beer Break cruising jersey.

The Riding Dead.

The Riding Dead cruising jersey.

Or you could get them a gift certificate from their local bike shop.

Gift Certificate to a Local Bike Shop.

Gift Certificate to a Local Bike Shop.

Food, Beverages And A Kia In The Arkansas

After a miserable week of holding up in the house fighting a cold I finally got out yesterday.

p1130564We rode in to the city for lunch and beverages.

img_4364Veggie pizza for Nova and veggie sandwich for me. Each of us tried new beers. Nova had ordered a Magic Hat hefeweizen but was served a Magic Hat #9 (not quite pale ale) instead. She thought it was ok. For me it was a Ballast Point, Victory at Sea (coffee, vanilla imperial stout) which both the ABV and IBUs were too much for my taste. Ballast Point’s Calm Before The Storm is a favorite of mine though.

p1130568On the ride back home we spotted this car in the river at nealry the same spot the above photo was taken earlier in the day. Upon our return home I checked local news sites to find no one was seriously injured in the accident.