Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017 – 6

Coffee 6 of the 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge.

Still traveling and now in Tucson, Arizona. We rode from our hotel to downtown for a coffee before checking out a couple of breweries and eating lunch.

1. Where: Shot In The Dark – Tucson.
2. Date: 11-04-2017
3. Drank: Mocha made with soy milk.
4. Details: I find coffee shops to be a little depressing. In my experiences it’s sappy music, no social interaction between the patrons, everyone’s got their heads buried in a laptop. Coffee was good though.
5. Distance: 20 miles.
6. Bike: Diamondback.

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017 – 5

Coffee 5 of the 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge.

We’re currently traveling and in Phoenix, Arizona and as usual when we travel we have our bikes with us. We rode from our hotel in Peoria to Scottsdale and back stopping early in to our ride for coffee at a convenience store. My plan to ride a different bike for each coffee ride didn’t work out as I wasn’t thinking last week when I rode the bike I was taking on our trip on my 4th coffeeneuring ride. I’ll post more about this ride at a later date.

1. Where: Coffee without walls at park like area along bike path.
2. Date: 11-02-2017
3. Drank: Quick Trip Guatemalan roast or something like that.
4. Details: Mid morning and pretty warm, I wished I’d opted for a cold coffee drink instead.
5. Distance: 53 miles.
6. Bike: Diamondback.

My New Bicycle

I’ve been contemplating getting a new or newer bike for quite some time now. Something along the lines of a “gravel grinder” which I thought might make for a good all around bike. I looked at and test rode the brands my local bike shop carried but nothing really interested me. While there I did buy new components, tires and had some wheel work done for my old hybrid. I’m happy with these upgrades but was still itching for something different. Online I stumbled upon the Haanjo Tero, Diamondback’s entry level “alternate roads” bike. I fell in love with the color. A couple days later it was on my doorstep.
Assembling the bike…

First changes I made were to swap out the stock seat for the Brooks off of my hybrid, add a front basket and install heavier inner tubes. On the first ride I realized I couldn’t change gears due to the basket being in the way of the lateral movement of the “brifters”. How I’ll carry cargo is something I’m still working out. As of writing this I’ve only ridden it once but had no complaints. My first time riding drop bars in nearly 30 years.

Some info on the bike…
2×8 drive train
700×40 tires
Mechanical disc brakes
Aluminum frame and steel fork

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017 – 4

Coffee 4 of the 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge.

I rode to the cemetery where I have family buried which is often a destination or stop on my rides. It’s a quiet place surrounded by farmland about 5 miles outside of town.
I recently purchased a new bike and this was the first ride on it. Due to the placement of the basket I installed, I wasn’t able to change gears. Definitely have some tweaking to do.

1. Where: Coffee without walls at the cemetery.
2. Date: 10-25-2017
3. Drank: Kroger decaf.
4. Details: Why always decaf?… I try to limit my caffeine intake and I’d already had a couple cups of caffeinated at home.
5. Distance: 10 miles.
6. Bike: Diamondback.

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017 – 3

Coffee 3 of the 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge.

Rode into the big city to shop the thrift stores for some different pajamas for this Thursday’s Pajama Party at the Pub Pedal. I also stopped at the grocery store which contains a Starbucks for coffee. At the thrift stores I purchased pajama pants and a robe. I also bought a “portable lighting studio” (pictured strapped to the rear rack). A quick look and it appears to unfold into a box of diffusers and a background. Maybe I can use it to take food photos over the winter for my food account on Instagram.

1. Where: Starbucks at the grocery store.
2. Date: 10-17-2017
3. Drank: Decaf with soy milk.
4. Details: They didn’t have any decaf made so they just did a pour over for my one cup. Was good. Also shopped a couple of thrift stores on the way.
5. Distance: 11 miles.
6. Bike: Dumpster bike.

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017 – 2

Coffee 2 of the 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge.

1. Where: Coffee without walls. Secluded spot alongside gravel road.
2. Date: 10-16-2017
3. Drank: Kroger decaf brewed on location.
4. Details: New coffee dripper worked ok. Explored abandoned home near-by.
5. Distance: 7 miles.
6. Bike: Schwinn cantilever.

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017 – 1

I decided to participate for the first time in the Coffeeneuring Challenge. It’s similar to the Errandonnee which I’ve done multiple times in the past, but you are riding for coffee instead of errands.
Any coffee shops I’m aware of are in the big city some distance away and not easily accessible by bike. I predict most of my coffees will be outside or at convenience stores.
As I’ve done with the Errandonnee, I plan to ride a different bike for each coffee.

Coffee 1 was “coffee without walls”.

1. Where: Rural area outside of town.
2. Date: 10-13-2017
3. Drank: Kroger decaf brewed at home.
4. Details: Usually my first 2 cups of coffee are caffeinated and if I have more than 2 I make decaf. I drink coffee made at home with just a splash of rice milk. It was hotter than I anticipated this morning. 15+ mph wind was no fun. Corn is still being harvested. I have a hard time sitting still and I generally end up riding around the gravel roads as I sip my coffee.
5. Distance: 11 miles.
6. Bike: John Deere Schwinn.