Movie – Pedalling Dreams: The Raleigh Story

I thought it was pretty good. Nova got bored with it after a while.

Note: There are a few parts where there is no audio.

St Patrick’s Parade

This past Saturday was the 11th annual St Patrick’s Parade in the big city. Our club has participated all 11 years and myself 10 of those years missing the one due to a conflict with a Grandsons birthday party. A few photos from the staging area and the fun that ensues after the parade.

Recent In A Minute Videos

I have yet to come up with anything better to give out at our annual St Patrick’s day parade and until I do I’ll have to live with the guilt of contributing to tooth decay and other health issues in children 🙁

Ride To Scripture Hill

On the side of a hill in Arkansas City, KS is what may be the world’s largest bible scripture written in stones. From Arkansas City’s webpage…

Begun in 1897, the text took seven months to build and whitewash so as to be seen from the railroad tracks. It was rebuilt three times over a 30 year period to get it the size and shape it is. Fred Horton was a young dispatcher who came here with his bride when the Santa Fe line into Oklahoma was nine years old. In 1889, he came to be the assistant to the chief dispatcher of the Oklahoma Division.

Each letter is 18 feet high, 12 feet wide, and three feet deep. It is about 475 feet long, and is built of stone from the hillside in which it stands.

I trucked my bike to the city and then rode to check it out. Even if you can’t ride all the way to your destination, a bicycle can be great for exploring it once you’re there.

Ride And Abandoned Building

A ride to visit my parents today. I also stopped to check out an abandoned building. This building was originally part of a grain elevator operation. Both my Father and his Father had worked there for a time.
Side note: I rode the 2.5 miles to my parents house entirely no handed.

The cement slab was the scale for the grain trucks. The main railroad still in use is to the right out of frame. Between it and the scale would have been the side tracks.

The Fairbanks – Morris “springless”. “Printomatic Weigher” scale.

Rideside Attraction – Muffler Man

Riding to visit the iconic “Muffler Man” in Wichita, Kansas with stops for shopping and food along the way. Maybe even a snack after. Learn all about Muffler Men here.
Another “Rideside Attraction“.

From what little I know about them, he appears to be the typical Muffler Man with what looks like one modification of lights installed in his eyes. I don’t believe they currently light up.