Thanksgiving Morning Ride

Probably should have been preparing Thanksgiving dinner but the weather was so nice we decided to first go for a quick ride to the casino, pull a slot machine and return home. Got home just in time to get all the cooking done with no time to spare.

My Thanksgiving plate.

Western Flyer

A friend dropped off this old Western Flyer 3 speed yesterday. The wheels and seat were shot so I replaced the wheels (the new rear being a 2 speed kickback) and the saddle with a Brooks. Regreased everything and added a basket.

As I received it.

The cable to the 3 speed hub was missing so someone stuck a bolt in the actuator to get the gear they wanted.

After the parts swap. some greasing and cleaning. Rides nice.

If I were to keep it I’d probably add a kickstand.

Riding Santa Fe New Mexico

Our final day riding this trip was in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We stayed at a Holiday Inn Express on Cerrillos road which was just across the arroyo from the Arroyo De Los Chamisos trail. We rode this trail northeast to where it connects to the Santa Fe rail trail and then rode the Santa Fe trail south to within 2 miles of the trails end before turning around. The Santa Fe rail trail runs alongside a railroad and is paved in town and turns to dirt at the edge of town. On our return trip we rode the Santa Fe trail beyond where it connects with the arroyo trail to visit the Second Street Brewery which is right on the Santa Fe trail. After veggie pitas and a beer we headed back to our hotel making one more stop a mile shy of our hotel at the Blue Corn brewery.
It had rained hard the night prior to the ride but the arroyo which we rode/pushed our bikes across and the dirt trail were dry.
This was our 2nd time riding this trail, the first back in 2004.



Riding Tucson Arizona Day 2

Day 2 in Tucson we rode North on the path, the opposite direction of the day before. We rode till it connected with another path heading East and took it. The paths were extremely busy on this Sunday which made it difficult for sight-seeing so we opted to move to the streets and ended up in the downtown area once again for lunch and beverages. Downtown was a festive place being that it was All Souls Day which we knew nothing about prior to our arrival. We then rode over to watch the All Souls Procession before returning back to the hotel.
The breweries we checked out were Crooked Tooth and Public. Lunch was at Fired Pie which we were happy to find had a non-dairy cheese. From what we experienced, Tucson is a really bike friendly city.



Riding Tucson Arizona Day 1

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on Grant street right alongside the Diamond Street Loop trail.

Day 1 we rode South on the path to it’s end point where we turned around. We stopped downtown for lunch and beverages and spent some time exploring by foot before returning to our hotel. Around 20 miles total riding.
Lunch was a jackfruit torta and a hummus and veggie sandwich for Nova at Even Stevens. Pueblo Vida, Thunder Canyon and Borderlands were the breweries we visited.



The day prior to this ride was a travel day and when we arrived in Tucson we drove through the Saguaro National Forest. After, we realized we could have ridden our bikes through the park which would have been fun. Here’s a Facebook Live video I did while there.

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017 – 7

Coffee 7 the final coffee of the 2017 Coffeeneuring Challenge. Thanks to Chasing Mailboxes for hosting the challenge.

I was invited over to my parent’s for coffee this morning despite my Dad being in the middle of a plumbing project. I took with me some carrot cake muffins Nova had made.

1. Where: Parents house.
2. Date: 11-14-2017
3. Drank: Decaf. Probably Great Value brand.
4. Details: What better way to end the challenge than visiting with my parents over a cup of coffee. My Mother is really good about about accommodating my special needs whether it be plant based meals or decaf coffee.
5. Distance: 4 miles.
6. Bike: Dumpster bike.

Riding Phoenix Arizona

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Peoria which was right on the the New River Trail. From there we rode down to the Skunk River Trail and then on to the Arizona Canal Path. For being an urban path we thought it was pretty enjoyable. Most times you are riding alongside a canal but at one point the path along with a park are down in the drainage canal (river?). We rode to the other side of Scottsdale and then back stopping twice at O.H.S.O brewing right on the canal path where we split a veggie burger and sampled a couple of their beers. Food and beer were both good.



Riding In Albuquerque

The first ride of our Fall vacation was in Albuquerque, NM. Our hotel (Holiday in Express old town) was real close to the path system. Day 1 we caught the nearest path and took it to the Paseo del Bosque trail which runs along the Rio Grande River. To our surprise their was a charity ride (Day of The Tread) happening on the trail. We joined in the ride but didn’t make use of the sag stops and other perks. We did go to the rides end point and purchased a couple t-shirts to help their cause. After that we rode more of the trail and around town stopping for a beverage at Monk’s Corner Brewery and eating at Cocina Azul. Rode about 35 miles.

Day 2 in Albuquerque we trucked the bikes to Fiesta Park and rode the canal trail out and back for a total of about 16 miles. A nice trail but not a lot to see. That evening from the hotel we rode a few miles to Tractor and Rio Bravo breweries for beer and food at the latter.

Photos from the 2 days in no particular order.