20 Inch Night

Thursday I attended our annual 20 Inch Night at the pub pedal. This was an unscheduled rain date as we had severe weather on the original date. Still a pretty good turn-out. I rode the 20 inch wheeled fatbike that I recently modified.

The bar owner at our usual meet-up spot led us on a ride through the bar on our little bikes.

A few of the many small wheeled bikes.

Yard Bike Gallery

A collection of photos of “yard bikes” I’ve spotted.

Bicycle Bar Tour And Cajun Food Dinner

Saturday we attended this annual event that is hosted by our friends. We ride to lunch and a few beverage stops before returning to our host’s home for a Cajun dinner. Despite the rain it was a great time as always.

Pedaler’s Jamboree 2017

Memorial weekend we attended our 5th Pedaler’s Jamboree in Missouri. The Pedaler’s Jamboree is a 2 day ride on the KATY trail with music, food and beer stops along the way. As always we had a great time. It was nice seeing old friends and making new. We really appreciate the people that watch our videos and approach us on the ride.

I’ll let the video and photos tell the rest of the story.

Building A Cargo Bike?

Mostly out of boredom I decided to chop up an old Roadmaster MTB and turn it in to a cargo bike akin to a Cycle Truck with a large front rack or basket mounted to the frame.

Here’s where I’m at now. Don’t know when I’ll get around to making a rack or basket though. It’s fun to ride as is.

Riding errands on it…

Movie – How Tall Bikes Will Save the World

A 6 part series on the Zenga Brothers and tall bikes. We both thought this was really good. Even if you’re not into tall bikes I think you’ll enjoy the videos.

Follow this link to Redbull’s site for all 6 episodes.

New Paint On The 2 20s.

I changed the color of the 20 inch wheeled fatbike that I recently heightened to olive drab.

Next I scavenged the wheels off of another Grandson’s old bike which were black and painted them green and put them on my other small wheeled bike. The rear was a freewheel not a coaster brake as before so this meant also adding a rear brake.

Not the most practical or efficient bikes but with their upright position and nimbleness they are really fun to ride.