This That And The Other

First off… Errandonnee 2018 begins on the 20th. A fun challenge in which I will probably participate once again.

A few recent purchases…

The book Just Ride. Maybe I’ll do a review later.

Wald basket. Thinking of putting this on my old hybrid. Can’t have too many basket bikes.

Trying out a different little tripod (left). Old Joby on the right. Maybe I’ll do a review later.

and a freebie…

Rode to another town for a picnic lunch and someone approached me in the park and gave me this little lock that they found. Next to useless but maybe I’ll carry it in my bag for emergencies.

From rides this past week…

Crime of fashion. How many different colors can I work into a bike ride.

Cemetery provided plenty of Fake Flowers which I needed for Bicycle, Ride & Seek. No I didn’t pluck them from the graves. Wind blows them up against the fence.

Probably dreaming of a day we can ride without stopping for photos every few minutes.

Railroad bridge on the outskirts of a nearby town.

Riding Around Abandoned Mining Town

This past Saturday morning we made an impromptu decision to drive 3 hours to the abandoned mining town of Picher, Oklahoma. We loaded the bikes as we figured the bikes would be a great way to explore the area and we packed a change of clothes just in case we decided to spend the night (which we did in nearby Joplin, MO).

The mining for lead and zinc in the area created the town but later destroyed it due to lead contamination from the mountains of tailings surrounding the city and cave in risks. My maternal grandfather once worked in the mines there.



Giving The Old Hybrid Some More Attention

A while back I updated the drivetrain on my old Specialized Crossroads and I haven’t really ridden it much since. I decided to take it for a spin yesterday but before I did I poked around in the attic to see what handle bars I had. Found some that were a little swept back. Can’t recall what they were originally on. I painted them black (was silver) and put them on the hybrid. I think I like them better than the stock straighter bars. Think I’ll leave them for now. After getting my new bike with drop bars which I’m liking, I’ve been thinking about putting drop bars on the hybrid but that would require new shifters & brake levers. Kind of hard to justify that cost when I just bought what’s on it now. As for the drop bars on my new bike, I never ride in the drops. Maybe this bike needs something along the line of bull horn bars and then possibly I could use the existing brake and shift levers.

In A Minute – Beverages, Deposit and Roadside Finds

Yesterday’s typical ride for beverages and to make a deposit. Couple of roadside finds along the way. I always told the grandkids once you touch trash it becomes yours. Redeemed myself on the way home.

Weekend Recap

Saturday Nova and I rode to lunch at a favorite Japanese restaurant and to get some Bicycle Ride & Seek photos.

Nova opted for our usual veggie yakisoba while I went for something different a veggie tempura bento box.

My Fire Hydrant photo for Bicycle, Ride & Seek.

A stop at a grocery store where Nova got her Chocolate photo for Bicycle, Ride & Seek.

A big dinosaur photo for no other reason than it’s a big dinosaur.

Sunday I participated in the 2nd Bluz Cruz Wichita which is our new monthly vintage bike ride. The wind was 30 mph with gusts in the 40s. Not a big turn-out, I suppose due to the wind which is why Nova didn’t attend. It was slow going on the heavy old single speeds but everyone finished the 12 or so mile ride. I rode an additional 6 or so miles to and from the starting point. Our start and end location was at the house of one of our group and they provided the fixins for Frito Chili Pie after the ride.

On my way to the Bluz Cruz I stopped to take a bike photo and got a snap mid fall. I have a few bike fall photos like this.

The Bluz Cruz group stopped at “The Big Ditch” historical marker.

On the Bluz Cruz we stopped by the “Steam punk house”. We only observed from the driveway as we’re planning to do a future ride here to tour the place. I really had to restrain from taking more photos but decided I’d wait.

Suit Night At The Pub Pedal

Last night was Suit Night at the weekly Pub Pedal. Suits and ties, pant suits, rain suits and a hazmat suit. What a fun and handsome bunch.

Be My VELOntine Ride

Sunday was our Valentine get-together and ride with the Coasters.


Movie – The Bicyclist

Lester Cribs is losing his restaurant and his wife in the suburbs of Detroit. As his world falls apart, he embarks on a bike trip across Michigan. The Bicyclist takes you on a journey of discovery as Les tries to relive a dead brother’s 250-mile bike ride to the Mackinac Bridge years after his brother’s death. Les’ brother,Timmy, left behind a journal of his 1994 trip detailing how a bicycle and a love for people can open any door. Les tries his best to memorialize Timmy on the ride with the help of wise strangers, but cannot escape the desperation of his new calling.


Not sure what to say about this one. Didn’t understand the ending. Should probably watch it again.

Contains adult content.

The Bicyclist – Official Movie (75 min.) from Cass Corridor Films on Vimeo.

In A Minute – Ride For A Beverage

Last couple of days we’ve had wind near 30 mph with gusts in the 40s so I’ve been hiding out at home. Today the wind was not nearly as bad and we took advantage of that.