Fashion Friday

Today on Fashion Friday

I’m always on the look out for clothing that’s comfortable to ride in but doesn’t look like (or cost like) cycling specific clothing. I recently come across and purchased several quick dry shirts and shorts made by Wrangler at Walmart at about $16 for either if I recall correctly. Both the shorts and shirts come in a variety of colors. No complaints about the shorts. I really like the “cargo” style and all the pockets for carrying my phone, camera, batteries, keys etc… The shirts on the other hand could be better as they are lacking a vent in the back so they tend to parachute. Overall though for that price I’m happy with them. Ideal for not looking so sweaty and not looking like a cyclist when you roll in to your favorite pub.



Fashion Friday T-shirt Give-Away

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Fashion Friday

Today on Fashion Friday

A scarf can work well for keeping your neck and face warm while riding in cold weather. Nova picked up this lovely bicycle scarf at Hobby Lobby. She bought it in store but I see it”s also available on their website.

Fashion Friday

On this edition of Fashion Friday, more Eddie Bauer clothing.

Earlier this Summer I took advantage of a sale on short sleeve, quick dry, vented shirts at the Eddie Bauer Outlet store. I was at the store again over this past holiday weekend and brought home a couple of similar long sleeve shirts along with some pants also made from the same material, Eddie Bauer”s name for this line of clothing is Travex. These were also discounted greatly. I really like the short sleeve shirts and I”m sure I”ll like the long too. Hoping the pants work out well for riding.

Fashion Friday

On this edition of Fashion Friday, shirts and more shirts.

I have acquired a few shirts over the past couple of weeks.

A really cool tee from our friend Marty at 10-18 Kustoms.

Club Ride recently held a Facebook contest and I won this t-shirt of theirs.

Club Ride t-shirt

This past week I took advantage of a sale on these quick dry, vented shirts at the Eddie Bauer Outlet store. I really like these for riding in.

Eddie Bauer

Fashion Friday

On this edition of Fashion Friday, my new jacket.

Walking through Walmart earlier this week this jacket caught my attention. It was on discount at nearly half the original price so I couldn”t pass it up. With the bright orange being good for visibility and the weight of the jacket, I thought it would be great for winter riding. It matches my stocking hat too.

Now all I need is matching pants 😉

I”ve worn it on a few rides now with the temperature around freezing or below and it”s plenty warm and comfortable for most of the riding I do.

One feature I really like is this front zippered pocket where I now keep my camera.

It has 2 drawstrings on the inside bottom back towards the sides for skinner people to tighten the jacket around the waist.

Time will tell the quality but for what I paid even if it only lasts the rest of this winter I”ll be happy.

Fashion Friday

On this edition of Fashion Friday, my new shirt.

Just received my new shirt in the mail a couple of days ago. It is made by Club Ride and is one of their “New West” jerseys.

The shirt is made of a Lightweight, wicking, quick-drying fabric and has underarm & side panel mesh venting, but best of all it”s plaid, “Mantis Plaid”.
This makes the 3rd shirt I have from Cub Ride. They are rather expensive by my standards and especially compared to many of the shirts in my closet which I purchase at thrift stores. I find them worth the money though. They help keep me cool & dry serving the purpose of cycling clothing without looking like cycling clothing. Along with the shorts I wear I can ride to the grocery store, restaurant etc… having been all sweaty but not look it, only smell it.

Ignore the goofy old, grey-goateed man eating the apple and check out his nice shirt.

If interested in Club Ride clothing you can check out their website or do a Google search to find the best deal.

Fashion Friday

On this edition of Fashion Friday I thought I”d share some clothing that I bike in that I like. Seriously.

If I”m breathing I”m sweating. If I”m bike riding I”m sweating even more, and out of every pore in my body it seems. This obviously leads to wet clothing including shorts. Cycling specific clothing would be the obvious choice to keep cool and dry but I don”t like wearing cycling specific clothing. I especially don”t like the tight stuff but I don”t really need the padding that comes in the baggy MTB style shorts.

I have found some shorts that work really well for me. They are White Sierra Safari Shorts. A quick dry hiking short.
They do dry really quick if they get wet but they don”t get wet as easily as other types of material. They button with a zipper fly, elastic waistband and have plenty of pockets some of which Velcro close. They also come in tan-ish colors but I prefer the dark gray. They are a loose fit and long enough that they are a good length while on the bike. I can wear these shorts to ride to eat, shop etc… be comfortable and not look like a cyclist.

I paid $40 for these at a local store which is more than I pay for my everyday shorts but cheaper than I”ve paid for bike specific shorts which I do have several pairs of also. They can be purchased online here among other places.

Wearing said shorts and eating watermelon on a recent ride.

I also have a similar pair made by North Face but something about the fit and pockets I don”t like as well.

If anyone knows of a similar short made in the USA let me know.

Fashion Friday

On this installment of Fashion Friday

This really cool orange and white striped bike shirt caught my eye while in the baby department at Walmart the other day.

As small as the shirt is, I managed to squeeze myself into it. The horizontal stripes making my head look fatter than it actually is. This shirt would make a great gift for the toddler that’s into rare, left-side-drive muscle bikes.

Fashion Friday

Today on Fashion Friday

While at Kohl’s recently we spotted this Mens t-shirt with a really old, old school bike printed on it. The graphic is kind of meh but I do like the colors in the shirt. I recall seeing this same bike graphic as public domain clip art out here on the internet.

Below our friend and fellow bike enthusiast Dangerous Dan models the shirt while he gathers pieces and parts to make more of his rideable art.

You might recognize Dangerous Dan from another Fashion Friday where he played a lesser role.