Western Flyer

A friend dropped off this old Western Flyer 3 speed yesterday. The wheels and seat were shot so I replaced the wheels (the new rear being a 2 speed kickback) and the saddle with a Brooks. Regreased everything and added a basket.

As I received it.

The cable to the 3 speed hub was missing so someone stuck a bolt in the actuator to get the gear they wanted.

After the parts swap. some greasing and cleaning. Rides nice.

If I were to keep it I’d probably add a kickstand.

My New Bicycle

I’ve been contemplating getting a new or newer bike for quite some time now. Something along the lines of a “gravel grinder” which I thought might make for a good all around bike. I looked at and test rode the brands my local bike shop carried but nothing really interested me. While there I did buy new components, tires and had some wheel work done for my old hybrid. I’m happy with these upgrades but was still itching for something different. Online I stumbled upon the Haanjo Tero, Diamondback’s entry level “alternate roads” bike. I fell in love with the color. A couple days later it was on my doorstep.
Assembling the bike…

First changes I made were to swap out the stock seat for the Brooks off of my hybrid, add a front basket and install heavier inner tubes. On the first ride I realized I couldn’t change gears due to the basket being in the way of the lateral movement of the “brifters”. How I’ll carry cargo is something I’m still working out. As of writing this I’ve only ridden it once but had no complaints. My first time riding drop bars in nearly 30 years.

Some info on the bike…
2×8 drive train
700×40 tires
Mechanical disc brakes
Aluminum frame and steel fork

All Bikes Gallery

Most all of the bikes we have or had in no particular order…

Now It’s Nova’s Huffy

The bike I had recently been playing around with is now Nova’s. A late model Huffy frame and fork with new paint, heavy duty coaster brake alloy wheel set with Duro “Rocky Wolf” tires, a Brooks B72 and some old BMX bars I had. The sprocket I used is one of my favorites and ironically is off an old Huffy muscle bike.



Tall Bike 2

I hadn’t really planned to build another tall bike but I had what was left of my Woody Night bike that I wanted to play around with. I also had the front half of a Schwinn cantilever frame. A tall bike seemed like the logical thing to build.
A 18 mile shakedown ride yesterday reminded me how enjoyable riding a tall bike is. The downside (for me) is the attention they get. On yesterday’s ride I had drivers taking photos (one even followed me around to get photo or video), many comments and one request to ride it.

This is actually my 3rd tall bike build. In addition to my first tall bike I also built one with our neighbor at the time. Both builds were well over 10 years ago and I had gotten rid of my first tall bike a few years ago.

Schwinn Heavy-Duti

DSC 1422
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Schwinn Heavy-Duti. I bought the frame, fork and chain guard on the internet back in 2012. This bike had been through several configurations. The latest a klunker.


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I found this old Roadmaster mountain bike at a dumpster. I stripped and painted it. Built it back up with parts I had, crank, sprocket, handlebars, Brooks saddle and wheelset with a 2 speed kickback.

Roadmaster MTB

In August I spotted 3 bikes at a rack along a trail. It appeared to me since these bikes were non-functioning and in bad shape that someone had placed them there in hopes they would be rescued. I was happy to oblige and took the Roadmaster Hurricane Ridge.

I swapped out some parts, tuned it up and painted it.

Check out the brakes…

Tall Twenty

Aperture: 3.3Camera: DMC-ZS20Iso: 100Orientation: 1
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