Lunch And Exploring

Yesterday I went riding in the big city where I thought I might be slightly protected from the 20+ mph wind. That turned out to be mostly true. There were a few times heading into the wind that the gusts nearly stopped me in my tracks. For lunch I had veggie fried rice from a new-to-me Chinese restaurant which was really good. I did some exploring which included an abandoned golf park. Also a stop along Gypsum Creek.

Foam Bicycle Art

Just wanted to share the awesome bike art that our friend Everett makes out of foam.

Schwinn DX I believe.

Elgin Bluebird.

Everett’s process for making them…
“I trace image from a projector and cut by hand using a small saw blade. Sand and paint using acrylic paint. It is very time consuming. I treat it as if I was working a puzzle and find a piece or two when I have time.”

My Bike Buddy

A video tribute to my bike buddy. 29 years ago this spring we started dating and some of those first dates were bike rides.

Excuse my off-key singing and poor instrument skills.

Errandonnee 2017

It was with only 5 days left in the Chasing Mailboxes 2017 Errandonnee that I realized it had started and decided to participate. This challenge requires you to ride 12 errands from at least 7 of 9 categories totaling a minimum of 30 miles and only being able to use a category a max of 2 times. Thinking back to the previous week which fell within the Errandonnee date range I had ridden a few errands but did I have the photo proof? Well I did have video proof for 2 errands so I’m counting those. That left 10 more errand rides to get in the 5 days. I also hoped, as I have in the past, to ride a different bike for each errand. Will I complete this year’s challenge?


Date: March 20th
Category: Social Call – To a favorite restaurant/bar for some human interaction.
Miles: 13
Observation: On the way I also had lunch, did some shopping and observed a makeshift grave for what I assume was a dead animal in the trash sack. These gravel roads are littered with animal carcusess. I’ve seen dogs, deer, coyote and others.
Bike Ridden: Heavy-Duti


Date: March 23rd
Category: Personal Care – Rode just to be outside.
Miles: 7
Observation: Having been holed up in the house for the past couple days I started to feel like a prisoner in my own home being held captive by the wind. I decided to force myself out despite the 25mph wind. The beer was a prop for something else that I remembered I had in my bag after I had remembered I didn’t bring any water. Something interesting I observed (actually heard) was when I stopped to visit the cows as I often do, a mother protecting it’s calf made a growling noise at me.
Bike Ridden: Monarch Ratrod


Date: March 25th
Category: Store – to the store for something green for supper.
Miles: 2
Observation: Knowing this would probably be one of the shortest errands, I chose to ride the swing bike which I rarely ride. Riding the swing bike is just as fun as it ever was. I observed people observing me as I took this photo.
Bike Ridden: Swing Bike


Date: March 25th
Category: Non-store Errand – Chinese take-out.
Miles: 3
Observation: It’s probably good for me to ride Nova’s bikes every now and then to check for any issues with them. By my observations all seemed ok with her bike.
Bike Ridden: Nova’s Schwinn


Date: March 28th
Category: Entertainment – To the casino.
Miles: 16
Observation: I’m not big on gambling I mostly just enjoy observing the other people there.
Bike Ridden: Dumpster Bike


Date: March 29th
Category: Personal Business – To the post office.
Miles: 2
Observation: Less people out when it’s rainy therefore I observed less people gawking at me on the tall bike.
Bike Ridden: Tall Bike


Date: March 29th
Category: Store – To the grocery store for a red bell pepper and the dollar store for a t-shirt.
Miles: 2
Observation: Each time I visit the dollar store I observe the door that doesn’t close properly and lets the conditioned air escape outside. I can’t recall when it ever worked as it should. I don’t understand why they don’t get it fixed.
Bike Ridden: Electra New Belgium


Date: March 30th
Category: Social – To visit my parents.
Miles: 3
Observation: I took a couple of bags to discuss with my mother doing some embroidery and/or placing patches on them. Ate both breakfast and lunch while there. We generally alternate between our houses for visits/coffee but lately I’ve just been inviting myself over to theirs. I enjoy both their company and getting out of the house. I observed how my Dad is progressing since his recent surgery.
Bike Ridden: Tall Twenty


Date: March 30th
Category: Wildcard – To get video for a project.
Miles: 16
Observation: Along the way I observed an abandoned building that I’d photographed before had burned. I stopped to photograph it again.
Bike Ridden: Schwinn Typhoon

And the results…
Errands: 9
Categories: 7
Total Miles: 51
Bikes Ridden: 9

With a little creative paperwork I probably could have completed the challenge but that would have meant counting multiple errands that were just one ride and on the same bike which I didn’t want to do.
Oh well it was still fun and I hope to participate next year from the beginning.

St Patrick’s Parade

This past Saturday was the 11th annual St Patrick’s Parade in the big city. Our club has participated all 11 years and myself 10 of those years missing the one due to a conflict with a Grandsons birthday party. A few photos from the staging area and the fun that ensues after the parade.

Recent In A Minute Videos

I have yet to come up with anything better to give out at our annual St Patrick’s day parade and until I do I’ll have to live with the guilt of contributing to tooth decay and other health issues in children 🙁