Bicycle Geocouching


What is Bicycle Geocouching?
“Finding a dumped, upholstered, couch, loveseat or chair while on a bike ride & photograph yourself sitting on the furniture with your bike also in the photo.”

All of my Geocouching finds can be viewed here.Follow the simple steps below to make your first Bicycle Geocouch score…

Spot a dumped couch while on a bicycle ride.

Lean bicycle against couch.

Set self-timer on phone or camera. Lean phone/camera against an object like your water bottle or a found object. Push the shutter button on phone/camera.

Seat yourself on the couch and strike a pose.

That’s It!

Practice these simple steps in your living room so you’ll be well prepared while in the field.
With a lot of hard work and a little luck you too can become an awesome Bicycle Geocoucher.

As with any extreme sport, Bicycle Geocouching has it’s risks. Please be careful and enjoy.

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