Not-So-Tall Bike Mount And Dismount

The most FAQ I get about the tall bike is about how I get on and off. Here’s a short video showing how.

This bike is barely 2 frames tall. My previous tall bike was slightly taller. I find this one to be a good height. Tall enough for the fun factor and to see over cars yet not so tall that I can’t easily bail if needed.

Birthday Vlog And Ride With Grandson

I recently celebrated a birthday and documented it with a vlog. It of course contains some bike stuff.

Earlier in the week I got a ride in with Grandson Blake before he heads back home.

Biking in Bartlesville

We got up Sunday morning and decided to go for a drive instead of riding in this miserable heat. A few blocks from home we turned the truck around, went back home, threw the bikes in and took off again. Couldn’t stand the thought of not having our bikes with us. You just never know. Found ourselves a couple hours away in Bartlesville, OK. Don’t think we’d ever been there. Unloaded the bikes and went riding around exploring downtown. Stopped for a beverage at a nice little bar. Bartender told us about the Pathfinder Parkway along the river just a couple blocks away. Turned out to be a really nice path about 7 miles in length and mostly in the shade. Lots of ups, downs, twists and turns. Great day.

I believe the Phillips 66 petroleum company was founded in Bartlesville and at one time was home to the corporate headquarters.

Freaks And Rats

Last Thursday was Freaks And Rats Night at our weekly pub pedal. My idea for this theme night was to get participants to ride freaky or ratty bikes. That of course leaves a lot up to interpretation. I rode the tall bike.

Pay No Attention To The Sign Behind The Sofa

From the Geocouching series. (Geocouching map).

GeoCouch score 156.

RIding Tall And Switching Things Up

A couple new videos…

I’m sure I’ve said it before, I love riding the tall bike but don’t like the attention it draws and that keeps me from riding it as much as I’d like. A weekday on back roads and few even gave me a second look.

Switching things up. This is how I spend a lot of time in the garage.

In Plain View

From the Geocouching series. (Geocouching map).

Found this one in the Planeview area of town.

GeoCouch score 155.

Grandson’s First Geocouch

From the Geocouching series. (Geocouching map).

Shared a score with my youngest Grandson over the weekend.

GeoCouch score 154.