Coffeeneuring Challenge 2017 – 1

I decided to participate for the first time in the Coffeeneuring Challenge. It’s similar to the Errandonnee which I’ve done multiple times in the past, but you are riding for coffee instead of errands.
Any coffee shops I’m aware of are in the big city some distance away and not easily accessible by bike. I predict most of my coffees will be outside or at convenience stores.
As I’ve done with the Errandonnee, I plan to ride a different bike for each coffee.

Coffee 1 was “coffee without walls”.

1. Where: Rural area outside of town.
2. Date: 10-13-2017
3. Drank: Kroger decaf brewed at home.
4. Details: Usually my first 2 cups of coffee are caffeinated and if I have more than 2 I make decaf. I drink coffee made at home with just a splash of rice milk. It was hotter than I anticipated this morning. 15+ mph wind was no fun. Corn is still being harvested. I have a hard time sitting still and I generally end up riding around the gravel roads as I sip my coffee.
5. Distance: 11 miles.
6. Bike: John Deere Schwinn.


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