Holiday Gift Guide For The Bike Enthusiasts In Your Life

Bring a smile to a loved ones face (or not) this holiday season by giving them the gift of LocoJoe cruising apparel. Many styles, colors and sizes to choose from at our store.

Beer Break shirt.

Beer Break cruising jersey.

The Riding Dead.

The Riding Dead cruising jersey.

Or you could get them a gift certificate from their local bike shop.

Gift Certificate to a Local Bike Shop.

Gift Certificate to a Local Bike Shop.

Food, Beverages And A Kia In The Arkansas

After a miserable week of holding up in the house fighting a cold I finally got out yesterday.

p1130564We rode in to the city for lunch and beverages.

img_4364Veggie pizza for Nova and veggie sandwich for me. Each of us tried new beers. Nova had ordered a Magic Hat hefeweizen but was served a Magic Hat #9 (not quite pale ale) instead. She thought it was ok. For me it was a Ballast Point, Victory at Sea (coffee, vanilla imperial stout) which both the ABV and IBUs were too much for my taste. Ballast Point’s Calm Before The Storm is a favorite of mine though.

p1130568On the ride back home we spotted this car in the river at nealry the same spot the above photo was taken earlier in the day. Upon our return home I checked local news sites to find no one was seriously injured in the accident.

Pic Post

Miscellaneous unrelated bicycle related photos.

Tall Bike This And That

A few tall bike related things I’ve come across…

B&B no tall bike.

B&B no tall bike.

Otto riding high.

Otto from the Simpsons riding high.

Screenshot from Google streetview of a tall bike mural in Bogota Columbia.

Tall bike mural in Bogota Columbia. I knew this existed so I cruised the streets via Google street view till I found it and took a screen shot.


How to make a tall bike by Rik Elmendorp

How to make your very own tall bike by Rik Elmendorp

Domino effect. Wait for it

My tall biker FAQ.

My tall biker FAQ.

Family Guy Geocouching

Peter and Brian of the Family Guy making a Bicycle Geocouch score while riding singletrack in the woods.

Old School Tall Bike

Some time ago I received an e-mail with this photo and story and I don’t believe I ever posted it here. Hamilton’s was a local Schwinn shop here in Wichita…


From Mike Schroeder…

Mr. & Mrs. Carpenter hired me in 1958 when I was 15. Mr. Hamilton was still around and they were all wonderful to work for. It was a great experience. Mr. Hamilton (Hammy) didn’t just own a bike shop, he had been involved in cross country races and other biking activities in his younger years.
In the shop, they would do specialty work and build unicycles for circus acts. There was a picture of me standing beside one of their creations that had to be close to 20′ tall in a bike trade journal sometime in the late 1950’s. One of his fun projects was welding a couple frames together which put the rider about 6′ off the ground. They had used it for advertising. I still have a picture of me holding it with my mom sitting on it and you can still make out the “Hamilton’s” sign they had attached to it.

Thanks Mike for contacting me and sharing the photo and story.

For more tall bike goodness click here.

Airway Beacon Arrow

Today I rode to check out a near-by airway beacon arrow. I’ve read about these but never thought to check for the locations of them. A friend recently told me there was one near where we live. Turns out it’s a location I ride by fairly frequently and usually even stop at the bridge where it’s located. The bridge was replaced not all that long ago and prior to I suppose the arrow was hidden in the trees and weeds. This one was along the Amarillo – Kansas City route.

Airway Beacon Arrow

Airway Beacon Arrow


Yesterday we held our 2nd annual Cranksgiving ride and food drive. Small turn-out but we got a fair amount of food to donate and I believe all who participated had fun. We gave out a prize for the first to return with food from all the stops. Also held random drawings for prizes. Our threesome only made 4 of the 5 stops before running out of time. Hmmm I wonder why? lol






Today I rode to the store and converted a monetary donation in to food.

Abandoned Parts

Bikes & parts I’ve come across the past 2 weeks.

p1130173On the sandbar along the river.

p1130194Notice the couch in the background. No I didn’t Geocouch this one.

p1130233I brought this wheel home.

dsc_4293This one was too ripe to harvest. maybe I’ll check back next season.

p1130341Along a rail-to-trail.

p1130378Mongoose mtb in the ditch.

Tallbiking For Pizza

It had been a while since I was on the tallbike. Yesterday I rode it around the big city with a stop for pizza.