The Huffy Is Back

This bike (Huffy Karaoke) which I obtained through some rewards program several years ago at work has been through several incarnations. Most recently I had built it up for my Dad. He seldom rides though and when he does he prefers to just ride my Mother’s comfort bike so the bike ended up back here. On a whim I stripped it of paint, primed it and built it back up with parts I had in to something klunker-like.


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This, That And The Other

A gift Nova recently received from her Sister.

A friend sent me this photo of his makeshift fireworks launch pad.

Recently received a couple of cards in the mail.
The first is from our Grand-Daughter. She made it along with a little help from her Great-Grandma.

The second a thank you card from folks at city hall. I assume thanking me for volunteering at the Bike To Work Day pit stop although it doesn’t say.

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In A Minute

Something relatively new I’ve been doing is making ride videos that are 1 minute or less in duration. I plan to continue to add to the series on occasion.

If you enjoy (or not) our videos but are not subscribed to our Youtube channel you can do so here and it would be greatly appreciated.

In A Minute…

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Interesting Bikes At Estate Sale

I rarely go to estate or garage sales and I can’t recall the last time I was at either. I just don’t go out and actively see bikes. Yesterday a friend alerted me to an estate sale that had bikes. I normally would have passed but he had mentioned a tall bike so today I decided to check it out just out of curiosity. Glad I did. Whomever’s estate this was, in addition to collecting bikes, also had some interesting home-made creations. I enjoyed looking them over. I left with only 2 handlebars from the dollar box and today was half price day.

The kustom bikes…



Chopped up frame among the parts.

Some of the other bikes.





The dollar box.

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Fashion Friday

Today on Fashion Friday

I’m always on the look out for clothing that’s comfortable to ride in but doesn’t look like (or cost like) cycling specific clothing. I recently come across and purchased several quick dry shirts and shorts made by Wrangler at Walmart at about $16 for either if I recall correctly. Both the shorts and shirts come in a variety of colors. No complaints about the shorts. I really like the “cargo” style and all the pockets for carrying my phone, camera, batteries, keys etc… The shirts on the other hand could be better as they are lacking a vent in the back so they tend to parachute. Overall though for that price I’m happy with them. Ideal for not looking so sweaty and not looking like a cyclist when you roll in to your favorite pub.



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Fathers Day

Fathers Day morning the family was over for breakfast. My Dad, Daughter, Grand-kids and I went for a ride. After that the eldest Grand-son, Nova and I clowned around on the tall bike. In the afternoon Nova and I rode to the casino where she bought me a Summer Shandy and gave me some gambling money for Fathers Day.







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20 Inch Night 2016

Last night I participated in our groups 10th annual 20 inch Night. This gives people an excuse to bring out the little bikes in their collection that they may not ride on a regular basis. Instead of riding one of our 20 inch Schwinns I opted to ride the kustom bike I made for this same ride last year. Also the Pub Pedal’s meet up spot, the Shamrock Lounge had their Pub Pedaler’s appreciation dinner and provided us with smoked ribs.
As has happened many times in the past, we encounter people in the Old Town district who want to ride the bikes. This time it was several girls in town for a wedding.

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